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Mohamed was great, really enjoyed the time with him and he did a good job getting us to and from locations. Having lived and worked in some places with challenging traffic I would say he did a fine job given the conditions. Things were in good order almost the entire time. A few road closures required some navigational choices but he handled it. 
Houcine was also a pleasure to tour with. He was knowledgeable about most of the film sites and offered additional flavor about the local sights. Overall a good experience with him and I would recommend him for future tours. Both had a sharp sense of humor which we appreciated. 
Highlights: The Lars Homestead, Star Wars canyon, the coliseum at El Djem and the archeological museum close by. The other bits were interesting as well but those were definite highlights. I appreciated the salt flats independently along with the bit of off-roading we did after the Neck of the Camel stop. Again, the driver made this fun. 
I would certainly recommend Mosaic North Africa Tours for the Star Wars tour. Without knowing the other tours I would be interested to try them out based on the organization and enjoyment of this one. 
Jeff and Family Yardang Field Jeff and Family Star Wars Canyon Jeff and Family Mos Espa Jeff and Family Lars Homestead Interior Jeff and Family Lars Homestead Exterior  
Jeff and Family - Testimonials, Star Wars Tunisia Tour, April 2018
First I should mention that you were very helpful through the year between planning and executing this trip. Whenever you're traveling to an unusual destination it's nice to have someone who responds promptly and in detail to all questions.
I was so relieved when Ahcicene told me you had switched the domestic flights to car trips. I had been telling people here at home that that was the one thing I was really nervous about. Not just the bad record of Air Algerie for timeliness and safety, but the idea of spending basically 2 of 4 days going through airport rigmarole...and if a guide were not going to accompany me, I was sure Air Algerie wouldn't speak enough English to help me. I MUCH preferred the rides with Sidi, who has a fun sense of humor and tells stories about all the places you drive past. 
I think Sidi is an effective guide for numerous reasons: he's an older guy who has decades of experience in the field and the culture, and in Islamic cultures people tend to be polite to older people, which helped whenever we interacted with police and other civil servants, with whom Sidi was always effusive. He also is very good at explaining the intricacies of daily life in Algeria.
My favorite things were the Algiers seaside walk, the Casbah, the mausoleum of King Jubbah, and the mountaintop trip in Oran over the ocean. The food was always great...the price of adventurous eating is often paid in the gut. 
I loved the ST Hotel. The room was clean and comfortable with a nice bed, and the staff were friendly and helpful.
I can tell you that I absolutely would and will recommend Mosaic to friends who are thinking of going to North Africa. You made this yet another memorable experience for me. 
Alex Testimonials, Algeria Tour, April 2018
The tour was great! Kamel and Makram both did an excellent job showing me around both the historical Roman sites as well as modern Tunisia. Highlights were definitely being able to see star wars locations and hanging out with Kamel and Makram at night at cafes eating and smoking shisha. I'd highly recommend Mosaic North Africa to anyone wanting to visit there. Ya'll provided excellent service and great attention to providing an awesome experience. 
TJ, Tunisia Tour, March 2018
Both makram and ridha were excellent! 
Ridha spoke perfect english, was patient, helpful, courteous, professional, very knowledgeable, giving detailed histories of all the sites we visited. makram was very pleasant courteous and friendly....
We really enjoyed our tour.
Will certainly recommend your company and a visit Tunisia to our friends.
Delfin and Raquel, Tunisia Tour, March 2018
The biggest highlight for us was the camel trip. The guides were extremely friendly and hospitable, always telling us we were like family. They took great care of us and made us feel safe and comfortable. They were great cooks, and we absolutely loved singing and dancing with them around the campfire at night. I know we would all definitely love to go back and do a longer trip someday! Faouzi was nice and was a fun driver. He did not say a whole lot and gave us a lot of space to do things on our own. But we enjoyed the trip and the sites were really cool to visit. Everything for both trips went smoothly, so we were relived and able to relax. Yes we would definitely recommend Mosaic North Africa and are very grateful for everything you guys did to make our trip a success.
Christy Camel Trek Christy Sahara Trip Christy Star Wars Excursion  
Christy - Testimonials, Camel Trek and Star Wars Excursion Tunisia, March 2018
Our time on the Mosaic North Africa tour in Morocco was amazing. We were able to see so much of the country and experience the culture, cuisine and people. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about not only the country history, religion and agriculture, but as well he seemed to know every nock and cranny of the country. He was wonderful, by the end of our tour we felt like he was family. We were amazing by the ever changing landscape of the country. All our hotels were very comfortable. The drives were lovely. and every site we visited took our breath away. Private Family Tour in Morocco Private Family Tour in MoroccoPrivate Family Tour in Morocco Private Family Tour in Morocco Private Family Tour in Morocco Private Family Tour in Morocco
Hasan and Family - Testimonial, Hasan and Family - Private Morocco Tour, February 2018
I am grateful for a wonderful trip to Algeria. Mosaic did a very good job of developing this for me with the St. Augustine places especially (although there is not a lot to see). I think the fact that your agency only covers a few countries makes it so much better because you concentrate on making these three countries accessible. I particularly am grateful for your kind care of me.... The weather and the temperature were excellent, too, which helped with the trip. The accommodations were also very good, especially the El Aurassi. Sid was wonderful, too.
Carol, Carol - Algeria Tour, January 2018
We had a fabulous time - thanks.  Both Makram and Slim were exceedingly friendly and helpful. Slim in particular is a superb guide and we would request him again without hesitation.  
Thomas and Zoie, Best of Tunisian History Tour, Dec 2017 to Jan 2018
‘Thank You’ for organizing such a memorable trip for me.
I only have good things to say about Kamel and Makrem. They were so professional and went out of their way (on many occasions) to fulfill my numerous requests. Kamel, in particular, had loads of initiative adjusting my itinerary to suit my tour preferences where possible.
I enjoyed the ancient sites very much. Especially the fact that they’ve been well-preserved/restored. I was also blessed with clear blue skies on most days. That made for great photos.
The oases towns in the Sahara were stunning and the desert itself was beautiful. My only regret was that I didn’t go deep into the desert for a real desert experience. I decided against the camel ride only because I’ve ridden a camel before. So if future guests decide against camel rides for the same reason, please tell them it’s about the desert and not the ride 😉
For me, witnessing and experiencing local life in Tunisia was important. So my stay in Tunis’s Medina was really good. I’d recommend the El Patio courtyard anytime. I’d also recommend Dar Omi, in Sousse, without hesitation. Madam Rabaa is a fantastic cook! 
On the subject of food, Kamel made me try Tunisian street food while on tour 😉 I hung out with him and Makrem for lunch in simple, family-run establishments (no fancy restaurants). I loved it. Then I became fascinated with local produce like Tunisian olive oil, herbs and cheese. For guests who’d like authentic produce, I’d say get them while on tour (not at duty free). The North West region (Testour) has the best olive oil and cheese (in my opinion), ie if they’re sold in shops.
Kairouan Mosque - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017 Kairouan - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017 Kairouan Bakery - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017   Sidi Bou Said - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017 Tozeur - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017 Tunis Medina - Shika Tunisia Tour Dec 2017
Shika - Testimonial, Tunisia Tour, Dec 2017
We had the best week with our guide Moez & driver Mohamed. They are both very responsible, friendly guys, and showed us some incredible Star Wars (and other) sites. As a filming crew, we certainly take longer than most people in each location (I mean, we have to shoot from several angles, be careful with audio etc.), and they were so patient. We also got to learn much about the Tunisian lifestyle, clothing, religion, food (date palm trees everywhere & yummy bread made in the Sahara desert), geography, and History. It is amazing to see that everything is somehow connected to the Star Wars fictional world. Seems that Mr. George Lucas & co. were really inspired by the local culture when they came up with Tatooine!
Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star WarsTunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars  Tunisia Maria TV Mapa Do Pop Star Wars
Alice, Star Wars Tunisia Tour, Dec 2017
Thank you so much again for making their Star Wars Tour possible. From my part I would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in visiting Tunisia !
Luisa, Organizer for Star Wars Tunisia Tour, Dec 2017
I had such an amazing trip with my excellent guides Ahcicene for the first and last day, and Rafik for the 5 days in east Algeria as they were both so attentive and knowledgeable. As I was travelling alone I was a little apprehensive at the start but they quickly and easily made me feel completely comfortable. Some of the sites we visited were part of my ongoing doctoral research and they allowed me to spend as long as I liked at each, never hurrying me along and giving me space to explore the amazing archaeology.
Every day was very enjoyable and interesting with no low moments and many highlights including friendly locals and interesting street food. Having lived and traveled in southern Africa, it was fantastic to finally visit the north and I will certainly be back for a second trip.
Mosaic North Africa made this trip so easy and stress-free to organised and I would definitely recommend these tours. Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience in an incredible country!
Meg Algeria Tour Meg Algeria Tour Meg Algeria Tour
Meg, Algeria Tour, Oct 2017
The tours in Algeria and Tunisia were amazing. I enjoyed them in both countries. The taliormade itineraries were excellent and covered all I wanted to see. 
I was surprised with all the great sites in Algeria. I think Algerian tourism needs more promotion. In Algeria the guides Kader and Tewfik were excellent. They did both the guiding and the local site guiding and I was really lucky to have them as guides. Walid tried his best but in couple of sites we did not find local site guides. Special thanks to Mustafa, who was checking with me and making sure that everything was perfect during the whole trip. 
In Tunisia, Slim really did a perfect job. He has long experience, deep knowledge, and excellent coordination and I was so glad that he was the guide during the whole trip. The driver was very nice. 
I will not list any highlights from the trip because I will list the whole itinerary. It was all highlights for me. I would definitely recommend Mosaic North Africa to my friends if they are interested in visiting Algeria or Tunisia. Thank you again Kevin.
Raed, Algeria and Tunisia Tour, Sept 2017
The driver, Mohamed, was very kind and patient.... He was punctual and professional and let us stop for ice cream. The guide, “Slim (Salim?” was very good, professional, very knowledgeable, gracious, flexible. We really liked him. The hotel Majestic was not quite majestic, but was very nice, meals big and tasty, rooms nice. The place must have been amazing in the 50s and 60s. Sidi Bou Said was amazing. We almost skipped the medina because it was late and we were tired, but we went anyway. The mosque Zitouna is closed to tourists, and has been so for a year. The sign there says that visitors can enter in the morning, but a local shopkeeper said this was not true. We knew that we couldn’t go in, so this was OK. Thank you for making all these arrangements. We enjoyed the tour!
Robert, Tunisia Excursions: August 2017
Overall the tour was good. My major interest was the Roman sites and I have seen most of the interesting places..... I'm very happy with the driver Samir. He doesn't speak much English but he was very nice to me. Especially one night I wanted to attend a wedding party and he was very kind to be with me for the whole night. I was grateful that he fully understood my interest and tried his best to help.... I would recommend the tour (the Roman part) to anyone who is interested to see the Roman sites in Tunisia.
Lin Testimonial Tunisia Tour Summer 2017 Lin Testimonial Tunisia Tour Summer 2017 Lin Testimonial Tunisia Tour Summer 2017
Lin, Singapore - Tunisia Tour Summer 2017
I was the only member of our party who was not a professional historian or archaeologist. I have a keen, but amateur, interest in matters historical, and I am just as interested in the world as it is today. When James H-J invited me to join the group going to Algeria, I grabbed the opportunity, both for the history, and to see a country which might otherwise have remained “closed” to me. I’m glad I did. The tour, I think, met the needs of the historians and archaeologists. In the process, we covered a substantial part of north eastern Algeria: I got to see a lot of the country, which I found rugged, attractive and interesting, and we also came in contact with many friendly and welcoming people. I enjoyed the opportunities to see some of the modern cities of Algiers and Annaba. Your scheduling, so that we had around a day and a half in Algiers, and then flew to Annaba in the evening, cutting out a long drive, worked well. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Constantine and Setif, but appreciate the constraints imposed by a tour designed to meet particular needs. The travel arrangements in Algeria were excellent. Ahcicene was at the airport, waiting with our coach, when our flight arrived. Everything went well from Day 1. Ahcicene kept us on track, but was flexible and accommodating of particular interests within the group. Kader was an ideal guide, both technically competent and able to “open doors” for members of our party.... As an Australian used to driving long distances, I also very much appreciated the efforts of our driver who put in some long days on busy roads without compromising safety. I found the police escorts at first somewhat strange, but quickly got used to their presence. They were quite unobtrusive. The Arabic speakers in our group were able to converse with them, and generally found they were just ordinary people doing a job. At no time in Algeria did I have any concern about my personal safety. The hotels we stayed at varied considerably, but all provided a hot shower, a comfortable bed and – necessary today – wifi access. They may not have been “5 star”, but the hotels worked for the group in terms of facilities and cost. We ate at a wide variety of establishments – from road-side cafes to restaurants recommended in guidebooks (Annaba). The food was generally simple and sufficient. As advised, we stuck to bottled water, and I was not aware of any of us having the “stomach problems” which Australians so often encounter outside the major cities in south east Asia. One reason why I thought things worked for us was that the tour was well organized right from the start. I found your preliminary advice on what needed to be done, and when, helpful and to the point. When we “hit the ground”, I had what was needed and knew what to expect. For me, Mosaic North Africa and its Algerian partner did a great job in planning and bringing about a marvelous tour of Algeria. I shall be happy to recommend them to others.
John, Australia - Algeria tour March 2017
...the tour was fantastic, and Ahcicene and Kader were superb guides. I was extremely happy with the experience. Thanks for your help!
Christian, USA - Algeria tour March 2017
A great success. Messrs Ahcicene and Qadr were excellent in different ways. Ahcicene is a consummate professional with a deft line in gently managing foreigners. Highly efficient and unfailing gentle good humour. Qadr knows his material, and coped well with a group who in many ways knew more than he did: charming and good company. They worked hard to do what we wanted. Qadr's great advantage was his contacts: doors opened that would otherwise have stayed shut. Only thing I'd have changed: fewer sit down lunches, more picnics.
Mark, UK - Algeria tour March 2017
It was a great trip! The tour of the Kkasbah was one of our highlights! The guide and the driver were fantastic!!
ST, USA - Algiers Tour, March 2017
I highly recommend Mosaic North Africa!! The Mosaic team took care of every detail so I could just relax, learn about the unique culture and enjoy the sights!
I was quite impressed when I found out our tour leader actually drove early in the morning to a venue we were to visit later that day to be sure everything was A- OK. He made some adjustments and by the time we got there at noon everything was perfect and one of our most memorable times! That was the kind of attention to detail that surpassed other tours I have been on- right from airport transportation to their hospitality!
I wanted some local flavour and not the normal tourist fare - and so the hotel they chose for me to stay in was one of the most unique I've ever been to - only 400 years old!
All of my friends on the tour were agreed - this was an unforgettable trip and we all would highly recommend Mosaic!
Dan, Canada - Tunisia Tour, November 2016
Our recent tour with Mosaic North Africa was great. It was well organized and all went very smoothly. The driver and tour guide were tops. Our baggage was handled carefully and securely. We visited a great variety of ancient ruins some dating back 1800 years. I was impressed with the level of Roman engineering and architecture that long ago. We saw a good cross section of Tunisia and Tunisian life. The camel ride into the desert and overnight in tents took one back thousands of years. We were well fed by this group of camel people and entertained with their traditional songs. A never to be forgotten experience. Great job, Kevin.
Benjamin and Ethel, Canada - Tunisia Tour, November 2016
We had a wonderful time in Algeria. We found the people pleasant, our guides knowledgeable, accommodations excellent, and all arrangements well made. The two guides that worked with us – Ahcicene and Akmed – were courteous, concerned for our welfare and personable. I particularly enjoyed intellectual conversations with both as they know their history and world events. It was a truly memorable experience. I certainly recommend your company most highly.
Robert and Angela, USA - Algeria Tour, November 2016
We had a good time in Morocco. The local guide Abdelmalik was excellent - he was enthusiastic and engaging, wanted questions and was eager to impart his extensive knowledge. He made very good suggestions with regards food options and was prepared to put in the extra effort to make sure we had a good time. Our long tour was obviously unusual for him but he seemed to cope well. I have to say he is a rare gem in comparison to other guides I have used in north africa.
The driver Aziz was also excellent - very measured and even in his driving, happy and talkative, helpful with the luggage, accommodating when we needed his services sometimes in the evenings.
Michael, Archaeologist and Historian - Morocco, October/November 2016
We had an absolutely fantastic time in Tunisia.
Some of the highlights of the trip included visiting the Roman ruins of Carthage, Oudna, Dougga, and Thuburbo Majus, sampling the delicious local food, and seeing the absolutely stunning countryside.
Our driver Lucky was wonderful. He made us feel welcome and at ease right away. Being with him let us experience the local culture, as he took us to some off-the-beaten-path spots, introduced us to the best Tunisian food, and even invited us into his home to share a meal with his family.
We were initially nervous about being with a driver as we are used to travelling independently, but now we can't imagine having done it any other way. Lucky was flexible and listened to our needs, such as if we wanted to spend longer at a site or add in a pitstop that wasn't scheduled.
We would absolutely recommend Mosaic North Africa to anyone else visiting Tunisia. Kevin was so helpful and accommodating through the entire process, listening to what we wanted to get out of the trip and offering some great suggestions for places we might visit.
He was sympathetic to our security concerns (which ended up being unfounded - we felt safe the entire time) and set our minds at ease, even accommodating last-minute changes to the hotels. His quick responses and kindness made the whole process very smooth. We are already talking about when we can plan a return trip and will absolutely organize it through Mosaic North Africa again!
Heather and Sidney, Canada - Tunisia Tour, March 2016
Highlights included the people who were polite and pleasant, the rich Roman mosaics (which seemed on the floors and walls at every museum and in situ at most sites) as well as the plethora of lessor known Roman sites where I was the only foreigner present and often the only one there apart from my guide. This included Hippo Regius (ties to St. Augustine), Khemissa (as a swimmer, the coolest ~ 50 meter Roman lap pool I've seen), Madaure, Lambesis and the Nubian Masoleum of Madracen. The Unesco Roman Sites of Timgad, Tipaza and Djemila were expansive and offered some pretty scenic settings but could have benefited from more written explanations or English guidebooks. As for non-antiquities, the National Museum in Algiers was a good warm-up for the relatively recent tumultuous history of the land, the hot sulpher springs at Hammam Meskoutine gave me a close-up view not permissible at Yellowstone in the litigious United States and the deep Rhumel Gorge in Constantine provided a sense of perspective via a series of impressive bridge spans.
David, USA - Algeria Tour, Feb/March 2016
Mosaic North Africa made our family vacation easy and very fun! The staff was knowledgeable, happy to work with us on our budget and dietary needs, and planned the perfect places for us to explore together. Our guide was just the right blend of helpful and unobtrusive. In only 4 days, we made memories to last a lifetime! Thank you, Mosaic North Africa!
Michael, Family of 6, USA - Tunisia Tour, February 2016
We were delighted with each day - always something amazing. I can't think of much to improve.... Kevin + the rest gave us everything we asked for. It was a tour of exactly what we wanted + every day was a treasure.
Denise and Michael, USA - Tunisia Tour, November 2015
Our tour with Mosaic North Africa was amazing. The details and travel tips were sent to us in advance and were very helpful in preparing for our trip. In country travel arrangements and logistics went very smoothly and it was clear that all of the details had been covered. Our camel trek to the Sahara was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which we will never forget! Thanks to Mosaic North Africa for handling the bookings with professionalism and excellence.
Murray and Diana, Canada - Tunisia Tour, October/November 2015
It was an unforgettable experience to ride camels out into the dunes and to camp overnight in the Sahara desert. It was really amazing to climb up the Berber fortress at Chenini - the view from the top was just breathtaking. Also really enjoyed sleeping in a cave hotel and visiting some of sites where Star Wars was filmed. Hope to go on other adventures with Mosaic North Africa in the future. Would definitely recommend Mosaic North Africa to anyone wanting to visit Tunisia or any other North African countries.
Joshua, Canada - Tunisia Tour, November 2015
The driver Mr. Slim 'he was very helpful eg when I wanted to post books back home, getting me up to see the sunrise over the dunes in the desert, talking about the exhibits in the museum at Djerba. I think I was very lucky.'
Patricia, New Zealand - Tunisia, May/June 2015
We absolutely loved Mr. Mohammed [Private driver]. He was just GREAT!!!
Nick and Hope, USA - Tunisia Tour, May 2015
Overall the tour was amazing. The country is amazing. The tour was well planned and there was obviously good communication between the Tour Company (Mosaic) and tour guide (Lucky), as well as the hotels. Lucky was sensitive and observant toward my preferences. I felt secure with him and trusted his judgement in all circumstances. His choices for eating were great and I didn't get sick once! He is an excellent guide professional. The tour itself showed a wonderful variety of landscapes and cultures within Tunisia.
Jeanette, USA - Tunisia Tour, May 2015
As I consider the highlights of our recent trip to Tunisia with Mosaic North Africa, the word "extraordinary" keeps coming to mind.
We began our journey with a warm greeting from our driver Hassan at the Tunis Airport. Adventure immediately found us as he wound his way carefully into Tunis Medina through the narrow streets until we arrived at our guesthouse, The Dar Ben Gacem.
This ancient former home in the medina wall was an extraordinary introduction to Tunisian culture. Although my husband and I felt as though we had just been transported back in time, we enjoyed all the comforts of the modern world. After a wonderful dinner of local fish and couscous we were encouraged to explore the rooftop. Here we discovered an absolutely charming covered sitting area from which to view the stars. Within a few minutes our server appeared delivering hot mint tea and a try of local sweets. This experience set the stage for an unforgettable two-week journey.
Our Mosaic NA guide in Tunis took great care to provide a rich educational experience in each of the sites we visited.
The Bardo Museum continues to show the scars from their recent tragedy but the security of this World Heritage Site made us feel very safe. The Bardo showcases North African artifacts and stunning mosaics that have made this a world-class destination not to be missed.
Carthage, Dougga and El Jem were absolutely breathtaking. Think Roman Coliseum without the hoards of tourists.
The security at all of these sites is a strong indicator that the Tunisian people place a high value on their rich heritage and their guests.
As a Canadian, Kevin Dyck of Mosaic North Africa has an excellent understanding of the "tourist" but as a resident of North Africa, Kevin has an intimate knowledge of the local culture and off-the-beaten path treasures.
We enjoyed hot springs at the edge of the dessert, were serenaded on ancient musical instruments by our camel trek guides, experienced the best of local food, slept in ancient Troglodyte homes, and explored several Star Wars sites. Kevin's love of coffee also comes in handy when looking for the best coffee shops in many parts of the country!
Some of the best experiences on this trip have yet to be discovered by the "guide books"! This is truly an amazing part of the world and Mosaic North Africa made this an extraordinary trip of a lifetime.
Dr. Curtis and Debbie, Canada – Tunisia Tour, May 2015
Thank you for providing us with such a terrific trip! Even with various unexpected changes (cancelled flights and cancelled overnight camel safari) it was a fascinating and enjoyable trip.... I appreciated your professionalism and the detailed information and attention you provided. Mohammed was an excellent driver and guide—so personable, helpful and accommodating!
Valerie, Tunisia Tour, May 2015
We are so very happy with our superb tour of Tunisia.... Slim and Hassan were so kind to us and they made great efforts to serve us. We put many demands on them as we wanted to see so much so quickly, and they rose to the occasion. Slim and Hassan were 100% reliable, polite, helpful and lovable. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone traveling North Africa....
There was a moment when I was worried about the local tours, but everything worked out beautifully.
Denise and Michael, USA - Tunisia tour November 2014
Beauty, novelty, mystery, and an extravagant welcome.
Our tour of Tunisia organized by Mosaic North Africa was all those words…and more!
Our time was well-organized and tailored to our interests. In the south we toured the beautiful beaches of Djerba Island, the synagogue of the oldest Jewish community, in North Africa, outside of Israel, and ancient Berber villages chiseled out of mountaintops.
Trekking through the Sahara on top of a camel, we felt the mysterious power of the desert.
As the sun descended there was nothing around us but orange sand dunes. Our Arab guides cooked a delicious supper over an open fire. Above us stars blazed like we'd never seen before.
Moving north to coastal El Jem we explored the magnificent Roman coliseum—built in A.D. 258. Finally, in the capital city of Tunis we toured the Bardo Museum, home of the world's largest collection of ancient Roman mosaics. Just minutes from there we walked in Hannibal's footsteps through the 3,000 year old ruins of Carthage. In Tunis' medieval old town we spent two enchanting nights at the Dar El Medina, a charming villa once owned by members of the country's royal family.
We now think Tunisia is a 'must' for every traveller. As for us, we can't wait to get back!
John and Jen, Canada - Tunisia tour October 2014
Kevin I found you very attentive, and prompt in responding. Your suggestion overall matched pretty well with the information I'd give you.
Lucky was a fabulous driver and companion. I'd travel again with your company to get him as a driver.
Debbie, Australia - Tunisia Tour, October 2014
Riad accommodation in Morocco was excellent.... We appreciated the ability to accommodate our timing with a personalized tour. We felt that in our limited time in both countries we were given an extensive tour that gave us a very good impression of two countries that were quite different and new to us.
Vicki, Australia - Morocco/Tunisia Tour September 2014
Well organized and all arrangements went well. Excellent itinerary although a couple of long driving days in Tunisia. Really appreciated being able to organize a trip to fit in with our dates and timeframe. Both drivers were very competent drivers. Local tour guides were good. Loved the riads of Morocco – was great to see what was behind some of the doorways.
Christine, Australia - Morocco/Tunisia tour September 2014
So many highlights, but to choose a few... the camel trek was of course amazing. It was impossible to take a bad picture! Tunisia overall was fantastic simply for the wide variety of things we did. Sidi Bou Said was lovely, the Roman ruins with few other tourists were so cool. Then, of course, the varied and fascinating scenery in the desert, including, what else, but a Star Wars set! I loved staying in the troglodyte hotel!
Another major highlight was the drivers.
They were so different and so great. Abdul invited us to his home for a Moroccan feast (which I helped prepare before my mother arrived!). We really felt like he was looking out for us. Lucky was simply a lot of fun and unflappable. And, it was so interesting for us to hear his take on what the Arab Spring meant for him and his country.
Rachael, USA - Morocco and Tunisia Tour, June 2014
"The day was great, and Mr. Abdul was wonderful. He had lots of good information and knowledge to offer. He made a few great stops for us at a women's argon cooperative and at the end of the day for a camel ride in Marrakech. We appreciated it all very much."
Lorne and Michelle, Canada - Morocco Day Trip
"It was in one word a very successful trip, mainly thanks to your good organization--that is the bottom line. The most admired aspect of the tour was how flexible, liberal and generous things turned out to be on the ground than the hard-line rules and regulations we had been communicating about! Do you remember my request that at least water be part of the dinners at our hotels for greater psychological effect and you said that could not be or that we each would have a quota of two people per bottle or something like that? Not only did we not pay anything in any hotel for water or any non-alcoholic beverages but, we got treated all kinds of goodies all along the tour. The one item that could possibly be improved is to try to find if some of the provincuial hotels can serve beer and wine--Western travelers after a hard day enjoy that--for example, surely Annaba would have such a hotel....
"And it was a pleasure to work with you, Kevin...Thank you for your good will and efforts."
Fikret, USA - Algeria Tour, March 2014
"I got the chance to visit Tunisia with my wife and two boys of 8 and 5 in early March. It was the trip of a lifetime! Thanks to Kevin Dyck and Mosaic we got to see things we would never have seen on our own. Our trip started out in Djerba spending time on the Mediterranean coast checking out the sights of the local markets and taking some time viewing an ancient Roman fortress. From there we traveled to Chinene to take in the town of caves dug into the side of the mountain over 1000 years ago. Then we took in the sights of one of the filming locations of the original Star Wars movies and stayed the night in a cave hotel in Matmata where we were served a traditional Tunisian meal for supper. Next we traveled into a real oasis on the edge of the Sahara where the kids got to play in the biggest sandbox in the world, swim in some natural hot springs, take a four wheel excursion into the desert, and after we retired for the night in well furnished tents in the Oasis. Amazing! Following this adventure we again traveled to another town again on the edge of the Sahara where we took a six hour camel trek into the desert where we were served a traditional Tunisian lunch, then after returning we spent the night in a four star hotel where we were treated like royalty. During our time in Tunisia we got to see its rich history and experience things that Disney and Mexican resorts can not reproduce. We strongly recommend to all you adventure seekers to ditch your commercialized North American holidays and head to North Africa where real dreams come true. With the English guides that Mosaic assigned to us we were well taken care of at all times and never had to worry about a thing from finding great local restaurants, to top notch lodging, to finding a bathroom when our 5 year old had to take a potty break. Mosaic was professional and working with them was an excellent experience that my family will never forget. Thanks Mosaic!"
Jason, Canada - Tunisia Tour, March 2014
"I write to pass along my comments on the Algeria trip organized by Fikret..., Diane..., and Stephen... which took place between 16 and 26 March. The itinerary was extremely well organized and the trip was successful in every respect. The services provided by Mr. Amirouche, Mr. Fayçal and Mr. Wahid were outstanding. Each was exemplary in his ability to respond flexibly and creatively to requests and opportunities as they occurred and in providing interface with security details as they changed. All three were highly personable, courteous, and attentive to our every need. Mr. Wahid was very well informed and functioned superbly as a translator for the local guides on the sites."
John, USA - Algeria Tour March 2014
"Essentially, every ranking for any service that was provided by you, Fayçal, Wahid, and Amirouche, I would give the highest without exception. These three did an exceptional job regardless of the challenges, and when considering the logistical challenges of not only balancing the needs to coordinate the security escorts but to attempt to rise to the challenge of flexibility (and to meet it) that our group (and me in particular) demanded, their performance (and especially Fayçal's) was even more exceptional."
Stephen, USA - Algeria Tour, March 2014
"Generally, I do not travel in groups but recognize that by reason of the location, etc. it was necessary here. I think you guys did an excellent job in a place that is not really ready for tourists. In our case it was the group that made the trip as Algeria, apart from the Roman ruins, does not compare favorably to Morocco or Tunesia in terms of amenities, food, hotels or even visual experience. The fact that we needed so much police protection says it all. Our group leaders, travel guides and the sites we saw, however, made for a unique and wonderful experience that it is unlikely to be duplicated by the average tourist."
Paul, USA - Algeria Tour, March 2014
"We were traveling through Tunis and had a day layover so we decided to contact Mosaic to see what they could do for us while visiting. We had somewhat of an idea what the city had to offer, but thought to get the most value of our time in the city we should go with someone who knows. They assigned us a local guide fluent in English and so we spent the day touring through many ancient Roman ruins built thousands of years ago in Carthage including an aqueduct, an Ancient Bathhouse, the Carthage museum and more. We capped the day off walking through an awesome little street nestled on the side of a hill with market style shops lining both sides of the small pedestrian only roadway then eating gelatti overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Thank you so much Kevin at Mosaic for making this day a memorable one with our family! Our experience at Tunis/Carthage was great. I only wish we had more time to see all the rich historical and cultural sites located through all of North Africa, and when we do we will be giving Mosaic a call!"
Helena, Canada - Tunisia tour, March 2014
"So a big thank you overall. It was great and very good value for money. Circumstances permitting, we'll be back. We didn't realise that Tunisia had amazing Roman ruins as good as anything in Italy (eg colleseums, temples, baths, towns and amphitheaters), green belts like the UK, beautiful deserts, the Atlas mountains, oasises and old Muslim cities like 'Ali Barba'. A quick scan of the internet does not do the country justice. And February/March is a great time to go, before the high season and before the high temperatures."
John, Australia - Tunisia tour, Feb 2014
"Greatly appreciated Kevin's many emails and face-to-face meeting and very impressive & helpful handouts about trip/life in area I was visiting prior to my departure. And, everything was arranged and handled enormously well, especially considering my very late trip reservation."
Monica, USA - Tunisia tour, February 2014
"Our tour was a great success, roman sites without any tourist, unheard of. Great tour guides and very friendly people.
The only thing I would have changed if I had known was the timing. The Holiday caused some slight problems, like an Hotel fully booked (the Novotel in Constantine) and closed Restaurants. The Holiday celebrations in some establishment took the rest of the week. Also closed museums & sites. Fortunately due to the Influence of Kader the tour guide up to Constantine were we able to see what we were supposed to see. Our thanks to him. We were also very happy with his replacement Omar."
Joseph and Erika, USA - 10 Day Algeria Tour, October 2013
"The Mosaic North Africa proved to be a serious undertaking, flexible, having fulfilled all the promises and 'delivering' excellent service. I had numerous contacts with Mr. Kevin who has always been affordable, fast and competent to resolve the various issues and flexible in the proposed changes."
Marcio and Claudia, Brazil - Morocco and Tunisia Tour, September 2013
"...thank you very much for organizing a great trip to Algeria -- everything ran smoothly and it was a great pleasure spending time with Ahcicene and Dries. Algiers is one of the most beautiful cities that I've visited, where I felt especially safe wandering around, and the Roman sites were breathtaking (and largely devoid of tourists, so very easy to take great photos)."
Michael, New York City - Algeria tour, May 2013
"Ahmed was an EXCELLENT driver, among the best I've had on numerous tours in Morocco and Algeria."
Caroline, Algeria Archeology Tour, March 2013
"...Mr. Faycal was an excellent tour guide who managed our needs with professionalism and care."
Eric, Algeria Archeology Tour, March 2013
"I've just returned from a fantastic 10-day trip to Tunisia in northern Africa. I had some advance concerns about political unrest, but felt safe while there, thanks in large measure to the great planning and advice from Mosaic North Africa ( who arranged our trip and practicing common sense.This Canadian-based company with partnerships throughout North Africa arranged a rich and safe trip. Through them, we booked an English-speaking driver and guide for our 3 days in Tunis, viewing the Roman ruins of Dougga, and Carthage, visiting the medina and seaside town of Sidi Bou Said, and spending an inspiring morning in the Bardo Museum with its world-renowned collection of mosaics. Our guide, Rafiki, met us in our hotel (Majestic Hotel) each morning and walked us back into the hotel after each day of rich sightseeing. He was university-educated in Tunisian history, took great pride in his country, and was on very good terms with locals whom we met at different sites. As a result we got a customized tutorial on North African history and felt comfortable wherever we went.
"Mosaic North Africa also arranged for a one-week trip down to the island of Djerba where we stayed with friends and explored this island of diverse cultures, great markets and endless beaches of white sand. We saw flocks of feeding flamingoes as they migrated north, and sampled wonderful local fish. Everywhere we ate "Brick", and soon became aficionados of this deep-fried savory pastry with a seasoned and partially cooked egg inside. On day and overnight trips to the mainland we stayed in the cave hotel in Matmata (Hotel Marhala Matmata)—a truly unique experience, explored the inhabited UNESCO heritage site of Chenini –an ancient city carved into the mountainside, and even took a short camel ride over the desert dunes, returning to eat bread cooked over ashes in the desert.
"Traveling as two single women, we learned much about the different cultures, and adaptation to a demanding geography. For taking photos of people or demonstrations of crafts, we learned to ask in advance and to tip modestly, sometimes through our guides. We respectfully wore clothing that covered our arms and long jackets to cover our backsides whenever we were in any public places. Our guides were adept in Arabic, and many locals speak some English, but by practicing our rudimentary French and Arabic, we engaged with different locals in shops and taxis, learning that much more about life in Tunisia. Overall, it was a fantastic experience."
Gloria, USA
"I traveled to Tunisia in Jan 2013, and Kevin did a great job of planning an itinerary for myself and my sister. Would highly recommend visiting this country, also visited Morocco last year, & had Kevin help plan my trip. He provided expert assistance in both trips!
"Thanks & keep up the great work. Both countries are such an exotic experience.
"If either of these places are on your list–Go for it, & if they are not on the list…they should be. The camel trek in the desert was great, Roman ruins in Tunisia-fascinating. I hope to go again."
Jocelyn, Tunisia tour, January 2013
"I really appreciated the prompt feedback during the planning phase of the trip, especially since my itinerary following the stay in Algeria was more extensive than the other members on the trip. The assistance of Kevin Dyck was invaluable to making my trip coordination smooth....
"Everything was very well coordinated.
Aside from acquiring more photography permissions for museums, I can't think of anything in need of improvement. The photography permissions we did acquire, however, were wonderful.... Every last detail of the trip was managed carefully, I always felt safe and comfortable while traveling, and the special permission we acquired on the trip for photographing inside museums, gaining access to the baptistery at Djemila, and seeing the storerooms at Tebessa and Guelma was an extraordinary feat of negotiation that I genuinely appreciated."
Nathan, Algeria Archeological Tour, June 2012
"What a fantastic trip! Every single day, I said, 'The cost of the trip was worth it for this day alone'. I had known that Algeria had some fascinating sites, but every single place surprised me (in a good way) with so much that I had not anticipated. At the end of the trip, many of us were agreeing that we could go back to the same sites and still find more to marvel at; we had barely scratched the surface. Having been to Tunisia so many times and having read about Algeria and Morocco extensively, I had thought that I knew North Africa. But were my assumptions ever challenged by what I saw on this trip.
"In terms of my experience with MNA, I found the service excellent from beginning to end.
Everything was laid out clearly, payment was easy, and questions were answered promptly and effectively.... The extra effort to which you and Mr. Faycal went to get us into additional sites and to get us photo permission was greatly appreciated. You personally were very personable and your previous experience in the country went a long way to establishing a comfortable base-line for the activities of each day.
"...Particularly since Algeria is not set up for tourism, I also appreciate the lengths to which you went to ensure that we could buy lunch and water supplies, make pit stops on long bus trips, and so forth.
"...I don't know what you thought, but on the tours that I have led, I couldn't have asked for more!"
Jennifer, 10 Day Roman Algeria Tour, June 2012
"...I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. I'm so glad I went, and I will certainly recommend Mosaic North Africa to others. Kevin, Faisal, and Mehedi were a great team to work with. I also enjoyed the other travellers—enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible, resourceful. The overall logistics went smoothly. One always wished for a longer time at the ancient sites, but that is bound to be the case. I am so, so grateful that Faisal made the extra effort to request special photo permissions for the group. That was a huge enhancement of the trip."
Lea, Algeria Archeology Tour, June 2012
"Again, I really trust and like these folks. Kevin is a treasure."
Robin, Algeria and Morocco Tour, June 2012
"Hamid [driver] was very attentive to our needs and responsive to requests. In many instances, he served as a guide as well as a driver. He is knowledgeable about the country. The only thing that did not work as well as it might have was due to his not really being a guide. He was responsive to questions.... The level of personal care and commitment to our needs and desires by the operator and the driver were truly outstanding."
Patout, Morocco Tour, June 2012
"I personally had a very successful trip. I saw much more and learnt much more than I expected."
Miles Lewis, Architectural Historian; Professor in the Faculty of Architecture, University of Melbourne 9 Day Algeria Tour – September-October, 2011
"I enjoyed Morocco immensely... and would like to thank you for your help.... Hamid our driver was excellent as was Moha our camel guide"
Helen, Morocco tour, October 2011