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Why Mosaic North Africa?

Buried beneath the earth, expertly mounted on museum walls, or artistically accenting a fountain in a secret corner of an ancient medina, mosaics are found throughout North Africa. A mosaic is an intricately designed picture or pattern created with hundreds, even thousands of smaller objects like coloured tiles or stones. The Romans would use mosaics to decorate houses, depict their gods, and beautify places of worship. This ancient art is still being practiced and they flood mosques, homes and public spaces with colour and artistry.

A good mosaic is a miracle of unity, using a myriad of smaller fragments to paint a bigger picture. Just like a beautiful mosaic, North Africa is a fusion of languages, cultures, traditions, history, and religions that has created one of the most fascinating masterpieces on earth. Each exotic element contributes to this unique world that is awaiting your discovery.

The Mosaic North Africa Team


Kevin Dyck

Owner and North Africa Tours Director

Kevin Dyck is the founder of Mosaic North Africa. He is an Arabic speaker with over 9 years experience living in North African countries. He currently lives in and works for MNA from Tunis, Tunisia.

Joshua Mok

Sales and Marketing Director

Joshua Mok is a marketing expert with a passion for culture and adventure. He speaks 3 languages fluently and has traveled to 26 countries. He has been living in Djerba, Tunisia since 2016 and enjoys promoting North Africa tours to the world.

Jolene Hildebrand

Administrative Director

Jolene Hildebrand is our all-star administrator providing support from our Canadian office in Manitoba. Every North Africa tour package she sends out is the result of her resourcefulness, tenacity and eye for detail.

Kenny Hildebrand

Financial Director

Kenny Hildebrand is the mastermind overseeing all our financial matters. His financial skills empower our team so we can leave the number crunching to him, while the rest of us focus on providing the best tours.

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Ivan Ling

Website Marketing & Sales

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Client Feedback

John | September 2022

Our tour was truly exhilarating...

David | February 2021

Thanks so much for your help!

Stephanie | May 2022

...once-in-a-lifetime trip

Ayden | October 2022

..truly blown away

Alicia | October 2021

Everything with our tour was great.

Mark | October 2019

Thank you for making this trip happen!

Dawn | February 2020

a tremendous asset in helping me...

Victor | March 2020

...unhesitatingly recommend Mosaic Tours.

Art | October 2019

...absolutely phenomenal hosts.

Chase | October 2020

Mosaic North Africa does a top-notch job...

Richard & Lorraine | April 2019

...utmost professionalism & attention...

Mary | April 2019

The trip was fabulous.

Our Business Principles

MNA’s foundational business principles are a commitment to integrity, openness and honesty in all business dealings. We believe in responsible tourism and desire that all of our clients respect the traditions, cultures, and country laws of their travel destinations. Our aim is that all of our work be done with trust and accountability. It is our hope that all our travelers will come as learners ready for a wonderful adventure. Whatever you hope to glean from your encounter with this region, we trust you will see, experience and ENJOY the many pieces that make up the beautiful ‘Mosaic’ of North Africa.

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