Museums in Algiers, Algeria

Museum of Antiquities in Algiers

The museums in Algiers, Algeria are some of North Africa’s most diverse museums in the region. From pre-history displays at the Bardo Museum to the Museum of Armed Forces, you will find hidden historical wonders that are awaiting your discovery. Most displays are in French and Arabic but for our English-speaking travelers, we will provide an English-speaking interpreter. Although there are numerous museums in Algiers, below are 3 that you will not want to miss:

1. Museum of Antiquities and Museum of Islamic Arts: These two museums in Algiers are located next to each other and are two of the oldest museums in Algiers. The museum of antiquities offers a wide range of mosaics and Roman antiquities found throughout the country. The Museum of Islamic art offers an excellent collection of clothing, art, and carpets.

Museum of Antiquities in Algiers
Museum of Antiquities in Algiers

2. Museum of Armed Forces: This museum has 3 levels focusing on the military history of Algeria. You will see prehistoric methods of war and then Roman and finally, you will explore the history of the war of independence.

3. National Museum of Fine Arts: An excellent museum with paintings and sculptures from both Algerian and French artists. This offers great views over the Jardin d’Essai. Make sure you give yourself an hour or two to fully enjoy all that it has to offer.

There are many museums in Algiers so make sure you give yourself one or two full days on your Algeria tour to enjoy all that Algiers has to explore.

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