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Tipasa Algeria tour

Tipaza, Algeria: Unforgettable Roman Site

Tipaza or ‘Tipasa’ is a small coastal town in the northern part of Algeria at the foot of Mount Chenoua. The language of the locals is Berber and the town is sheltered by Chenoua. This port-city was an ideal site chosen by the Phoenicians travelling to the...
Underwater Ruins of Neapolis

Tunisia Listed in Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries in 2017

According to Heritage Daily, Tunisia was listed in Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries in 2017. We’ll tell you all about this archaeological discovery of the lost Roman city of Neapolis! The City of Neapolis Neapolis, which means “New City” in Greek was founded by...
North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial in Carthage, Tunisia

Visit 4 World War II Sites in Tunisia

World War II in Tunisia: The Tunisia Campaign / The Battle of Tunisia The Tunisia Campaign also known as the Battle of Tunisia is a series of battles that took place in Tunisia during the Second World War between the 17th of November 1942 and the 13th of May 1943. They opposed...
Djerba Island Erriadh

Djerba Island, Tunisia – Rich History, Culture and Sun in Southern Tunisia

Don’t miss experiencing the beautiful Djerba Island in your travels to southern Tunisia. Djerba Island is a quick flight from Tunis and a great location to end, or split up your Tunisia Tour.  This small island is lined with beautiful beaches and and many sites to see. Houmt...
Sfax Medina

Visiting the Historic Sfax Medina in Southern Tunisia

Sfax is the second largest city in Tunisia and also contains the second largest port in the country. The city of Sfax is economically robust and is the heart of industry in the south. The Sfaxians living in this industrial city are known for their high value on their industrious...

Museums in Algiers, Algeria

The museums in Algiers, Algeria are some of North Africa’s most diverse museums in the region. From pre-history displays at the Bardo museum to the Museum of Armed Forces, you will find hidden historical wonders that are awaiting your discovery. Most displays are in French...