Day Trip from Fes: Explore Caverns in Morocco

While traveling in Morocco, you may want to consider a day trip to the Caverns in Morocco such as the Gouffre du Friouato in Taza. Located approximately 3-4 hours from Fes, this massive cavern will surely amaze! It is said to be the largest cavern in all of North Africa and is approximately 20 meters wide by 150 meters deep. When you reach the mouth of the cavern you will meet a guide who can take you on a tour. You will begin with a decent of over 500 stairs before you slide through a narrow hole. You will find gorgeous rock formations with layers of colors. Enjoy balancing as you walk over pools and ascend and descend through the cave. Things to bring on your trip are:

1. A change of clothes: It is dark and dirty in the cave and you will want to change before returning to Fes.

2. Headlamp: Once you decend the stairs and squeeze through the narrow hole in the cave then there is no more natural light.

3. Bottle of water

Explore caverns in Morocco on your Morocco tour. While on your way back to Fes, be sure to stop at a local restaurant for a mouth-watering tajine cooked over coals!

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Joshua Mok has been living in Tunisia since 2016. He has traveled extensively throughout the country, and has firsthand experience with the language, people, and culture of North Africa. It is his passion to introduce to others some of the best destinations in North Africa that he has experienced.

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