When to Travel to Tunisia

Tunisia is located in a warm temperate area. Considering its landscapes, the country offers a climate for everyone. In the north, the climate is Mediterranean and characterized by mild, wet winters and hot dry summers. In the south the weather offers the semi-arid conditions of the steppes and the desert. Currents from the Sahara desert are giving rise to the Sirocco, a hot season and a southern winds, known for have serious effects on the vegetation.

Temperatures are moderated by the sea side. Temperatures in Sousse are averaging 7 ° C in January and 32 ° C in August. In Kairouan the temperatures vary between 4 ° C in January and 37 ° C in August.

It can snow in the mountains while some parts of the desert might not even see a rain drop. The amount of rainfall varies considerably from north to south. An average annual rainfall of about 1520 mm occurs in the Kroumirie Mountains in the northwest of Tunisia, making it the wettest region of North Africa. The city of Tozeur, in the southwest, doesn’t even get 100 mm on an annual basis. Rainfalls are also very irregular from one year to another and these irregularities are characteristic for the south and the desert.

The period from October to May is considered the best time to visit the desert and the oasis, when the average temperature varies between 12 ° C and 28 ° C.  The spring begins from March to May and brings spectacular wildflowers. The period from June to September is characteristic with its hot weather with August being the hottest month.

Morning Temperature (°C)


Afternoon Temperatures (°C)


Annual Rainfalls (mm)



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