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Medina of Sousse

Top 3 Guesthouses in Sousse, Tunisia

Sousse or ‘Soussa’ is another beautiful resort in Tunisia that has been attracting visitors from all over the world. The city overlooks the ocean and due to its location and sandy beaches make it a must-see city. Being in the city is one of the most relaxing...
Ksar Ghilane tour

3 Ways to Add More Adventure to Your Tunisia Tour

A trip to Tunisia can be full of incredible fun and exhilarating opportunities for adventure! That’s why we put together some Optional Activities and Day Trips in Tunisia for those wanting to get off the beaten track or to dive deeper into the local Tunisian culture. If...

Everything You Need to Know About Tunisian Brik

A visit to Tunisia is not complete unless you have tried the famous Tunisian Brik. This is a delicious dish which can be commonly found in any homecooked meals or at Tunisian restaurants. What is Tunisian Brik? Brik or “breek” is an appetizer very easy to prepare. It consists of...
Troglodyte Home in Matmata

Troglodyte Homes in Matmata, Southern Tunisia

In the south of Tunisia in Matmata lies one of the most unique landscapes and house architectures. A visit to Matmata will feel like you are on the moon as you approach this historic town.  Matmata is home to around 1500 people, however, you would hardly realize that because...
Troglodyte Hotel in Matmata

Hotel Marhala – A Night in a Troglodyte Home

Spending a night underground is an incredible experience!!! If you are visiting the south of Tunisia, or you are a Star Wars fan, a night at Hotel Marhala is a MUST. Hotel Marhala is located in Matmata, near the Sahara Desert.  It is an incredible place to explore. Most...
Tunisia Sahara Quad Bike

Sahara Excursions in Tunisia

Tunisia is filled with incredible history, archaeological sights, and beautiful beaches.  But don’t forget that Tunisia also offers some of the most authentic and captivating Sahara desert excursions into the Sahara. Sahara Excursions in Tunisia The Sahara Desert stretches...