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Tabarka Needles
Tabarka Needles
Tabarka Needles Family Vacation
Tabarka Needles
Genoese Fort of Tabarka
Genoese Fort of Tabarka
Place to Visit: Tabarka

Tabarka is located on the northwestern coast of Tunisia close to the Algerian border. This coastal city is an attractive destination based on its exceptional location at the foot of the Atlas Mountains with a stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea. Tabarka is also best known for its excellent sandy beaches, its mountainous backcountry landscape, and its spectacular seabed.

The Needles of Tabarka

The “Needles” of Tabarka is an impressive landmark that is instantly recognized in the city. These needle-shaped rock formations caused by erosion stand up to 20 metres high out of the sea. A walkway allow visitors to stand in between these Needles to truly marvel at their magnificent shape and height. The ideal time to visit the Needles is when the sun is low which adds a glowing effect to these impressive needles.

The Genoese Fort

The Genoese Fort is a historical landmark which dates back to the 16th century. This Genoese outpost endured battles between the Genoese and the French who sought to control this port city. Only a small section of this fortress is accessible to the public, but the spectacular view from the top makes a short hike worthwhile.

Tabarka Jazz Festival

Tunisia has a long-standing relationship with jazz music. The Tabarka Jazz Festival attracts thousands of music lovers and jazz enthusiasts to this music festival held in July each year. Past festivals featured renowned jazz artists such as Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Léo Ferré, Dizzy Gellespie, Miriam Makeba, Charles Mingus, Al Di Meola and Césaria Evora. 

Scuba Diving in Tabarka

There are many excellent diving spots throughout Tunisia, but Tabarka is considered one of the best diving spots in the country with its clear water, colourful coral reefs and rich marine life. Some of their sites even remain accessible throughout the year. Its extensive coral reef can be found just off the beach, making this a paradise for divers to discover marine life in Tunisia’s underwater world. Red corals are also gathered from the depths of the coast. If you’re not an expert diver, you can visit one of the dive centers which offers lessons from beginner to expert levels. Snorkeling in Tabarka is also a great way to go under the sea to explore its rich seabeds. 

Experience the Beauty of Tabarka

If you are interested in visiting Tabarka, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour.