Explore the Diana Veteranorum Archeological Site in Algeria

Zana or Diana Veteranorum is an ancient site located 90 kilometers southwest of Constantine. Dating back to at least the 2nd century AD it was established for the veterans from the Third Augustan Legion. Later on the Byzantines took over the city. The site represents a center covering a vast area where oil presses, farms, cisterns, and wells have been built. An aqueduct was used to supply water drawn from the Ain- Soltane spring. The monuments include the forum that is a rectangular and paved with flagstones and several landmarks of the Byzantine period which are: the church built in the forum, the small fort, and a regular sized fort built about 100 meters east of the forum. Ramparts of square towers can still be seen at the corners of the forum. During the excavations of this ancient site, several mausoleums were found.

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