Wild Beauty of Chott El Jerid in Tunisia

Randall at Lars Homestead Igloo House

Any trip to Tunisia’s largest salt flat, Chott El Jerid will be truly unforgettable. The view is simply breath-taking and here you will discover the marvels of this natural salt lake situated next to the Sahara Desert. A sunrise or sunset over Chott El Jerid in Tunisia should not be missed.

Chott el Jerid Salt Flat
Chott El Jerid in Tunisia – Tunisia’s Largest Salt Flat

Tunisia’s Largest Salt Flat

Chott El Jerid is about half an hour drive from Tozeur. It is a large salt lake that is between 15 and 20 meters above sea level. Its shape is like a tadpole and its width is around 20 kilometers while its length is about 250 kilometers. One of the most fascinating characteristics of this extraordinary lake is the colors and various shades. At times, one can see traces of green, white, and purple. Its surface is over 7,000 square kilometers which makes it the biggest salt lake in the Sahara Desert.

Explore Chott el Jerid on Foot

Whether you are travelling with a guide or independently, you should definitely make a stop by one of the small shops. There are often walking paths into the salt flat from these shops.

Star Wars Film Location – Lars Homestead Exterior

The Chott has also been used to film a scene from the Star Wars movies. The salt flats were used for the décor of the Lars homestead on Tatooine. This makes Chott El Jerid a must see for any Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Lars Homestead Exterior in Nefta

Randall at Lars Homestead Igloo House

Want to Visit Chott El Jerid in Tunisia?

If you are interested in visiting Chott El Jerid in Tunisia, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan a Star Wars tour or an unforgettable Tunisia tour.

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