When to Visit Algeria

Golden Sahara Sand Dunes in Algeria

Algeria is located in Northern Africa with a territory of approximately 2.4 million square km and is the eleventh biggest country in the world. It is bordering Tunisia and Libya to the East, Niger, Mali and Mauritania to the South and Morocco to the West. Its shores are being washed by the Mediterranean Ocean to the North.


The country is characterized with a Mediterranean climate in its northern parts while the southern ones are with a typical desert climate with warm dry summer days and mild rainy winters.  A typical afternoon temperature in July will be around 28 degrees Celsius dropping to 21 in the evenings. The hottest months are July and August. Average temperatures vary between 25 and 30 degrees.

From the demarcation of the Sahara Desert, a typical daily temperature ranges can be extreme with summer being scourging hot. On the other hand, rainfalls are rare in the northern mountains and almost null in the desert. Irregular precipitations for the Tademait region are not to compare to the Ahaggar plateau that can pass without rainfall for as many as five years.

When planning to visit Algeria, winter is considered the most weather friendly time as the northern region climate is mild and wet.

However, due to the close proximity of the Sahara Desert the evenings can be quite cold. That is why warm clothing is recommended to be an essential part of your luggage.

Sahara Desert in Djanet
Sahara Desert in Djanet

Some consider the best time to visit Algeria during the period between March and May for the first part of the year and from September to October for the second part, although some tourist agencies are recommending to visit Algeria during the month of July or August. In short, it all depends on your heat and cold tolerance and personal preference with reference to the tourist season.

Planning to Visit Algeria

If you are interested in visiting Algeria, our North Africa travel experts are happy to assist you to plan a safe and unforgettable Algeria tour.

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