What to See in the Ahaggar National Park

View from the Assekrem Plateau in Ahaggar National Park

The Ahaggar National Park is located in the south of Algeria in the Hoggar region. It is also part of the Wilaya of Tamanrasset. The Ahaggar was classified as a national park in 1987.

Ahaggar National Park
Amazing Rock Formations

The Ahaggar National Park covers an area of 450,000 square kilometres. It is home to a fascinating cultural and natural heritage.

The Hoggar Mountain

The mountain Hoggar which is the largest mountain in Algeria is located in the largest desert in the world adding to the incredible beauty in the Ahaggar Park.

View from the Assekrem Plateau in Ahaggar National Park
View from the Assekrem Plateau

Beautiful Nature

The flora of the Ahaggar is represented by a wide range of species that are growing together in this dramatic habitat. There are olives, lavender, myrtle, acacias, tamarisk, and palms. Most of these plants are used by the Tuareg as traditional medicine.

Wildlife in the Ahaggar National Park

The park’s wildlife is mainly composed of the fennec fox, the Dorcas gazelle, the bighorn sheep, rats, and spiny rock hyrax. The birds have large community with the steppe eagle, mesh dove, desert warbler, white stork, black stork, hen harrier, short-toe eagle, and the duck.

Seeing the Ancient Engravings and Paintings

The most famous sites are the engravings and paintings of Tit-Aguenar- Silet, the Assekrem, the massif of Tafedest, Ahnet the Immidir, Tassili of Hoggar, Tassili Tin Missa, the Casbah Bahjouda Ain Salah, the Casbah Silet ant the Monument of Tin Hinan in Abalessa.

Finally, the multifaceted landscapes of Ahaggar exceed three thousand meters in altitude. Regs- strays of stones, and ergs, desert sand dunes, lava fields, dead volcanoes are only part of the forms that shape this national park.

Visit the Ahaggar National Park in Algeria

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