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On a Sahara excursion, you will have incredible experiences and see some of the best scenery in the world. Part of having this memorable experience will be making sure you pack light and take the right supplies. We recommend that you take only a small backpack that can be tied to the back of the camel. Saying that if you are on a week-long camel excursion then we will advise on what to bring.

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Bringing Seasonal Items on a Sahara Desert Excursion

The heat of the desert can be extreme in the spring, summer, and fall.  However, in the winter the night temperatures can really be cold.  Always travel with a good hat and in summer wear loose fitting clothing.  We recommend that women dress modestly when traveling in the Sahara.  Take a wind-breaking jacket along as well.  For the winter months also add a thick fleece.  Sandals are good for summer but take a good pair of shoes for the cooler months.

Make sure you have some good sun block.  Other medication you might need to bring could include ibuprofen such as Advil, or acetaminophen for any aches you might feel and anti-nausea medication if you struggle with motion sickness because the camels’ rock back and forth as they walk and you will be on it for a minimum 1-2 hours. Bring your own bottle of water for drinking, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and your own roll or toilet paper.

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Technology in the Sahara Desert

The fine sand of the desert can ruin any type of technology that comes along.  Take your camera but keep it sealed in a zip-lock bag along with your phone. You should take out your camera only when needing to take a photo and then returning it into the zip-lock bag to avoid the fine sand from entering the camera. Bringing a flashlight would also be a good item to bring for the night.

These few items to bring on a Sahara excursion to ensure that your experience is a memorable one.

Booking a Sahara Desert Excursion

Tunisia Sahara Quad Bike

For adventure seekers, our 9 Days Camel Trek Tour in Tunisia will provide the ultimate Sahara Desert experience. We can also arrange ATV quad biking or camel treks into the Sahara, with options of staying overnight in traditional Berber tents or luxury camps. Contact our travel experts today and we will assist you to plan your Sahara Desert excursion.

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