Vegetarian Food Options in Tunisia

tunisian salad

Traditional Tunisian cuisine does not offer many vegetarian food options in Tunisia. However, it is still possible for vegetarians to enjoy a wide variety of vegetarian meals in Tunisia. 

Vegetarian Food Options in Tunisia

We have served some clients who are vegetarians traveling to North Africa. There are several traditional dishes in Tunisia that do not contain meat. You can try out Tunisia’s most well-known dishes, the spicy salad mechouia (BBQ grilled salad) and salad tunisienne which are a blend of cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. Many restaurants add canned tuna to their salads, so be sure to request these salads without the tuna. 

tunisian salad mechouia
Tunisian Salad Mechouia
tunisian salad
Tunisian Salad

Other vegetarian food options in Tunisia include the vegetable couscous, ouja (egg and tomato-based dish), vegetarian pizza, brik, lablabi (chickpea soup) and tajine (similar to quiche).

tunisian brik
Tunisian Brik (fried pastry stuffed with egg and parsley)

Where to Find Vegetarian Food Options in Tunisia

Many hotels offer buffet style meals which does include several vegetarian options since they have served large numbers of foreign tourists. Beside hotels, here is a list of our recommended vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Tunis.

Um Punto Macrobiotico

Address: rue du Bresil. Not far from Avenue de la Liberté and the Belvedà¨re Park.

Café, Resto Alna

Address: Avenue Principale, Les Berges du Lac

Mamie Lily

Address: Avenue Pasteur, La Goulette
Style of food: Jewish-Tunisian, Meat-free dishes

Book a Tunisia Tour with Mosaic North Africa

If you are booking a Tunisia tour with Mosaic North Africa, then please rest assured that we will communicate any client food preferences and allergies to your driver, tour guide and the hotel accommodations in which you will be staying. Your tour guide will then reiterate these preferences/cautions as you travel.

Speak with one of our Tunisia Travel Experts today to arrange a Tunisia tour with your vegetarian food preference in mind.

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