Traveling to Algeria? Which Airline Should You Choose?

Air Algerie

Algeria is located in the Northern part of Africa and there are 42 airports that serve international and domestic flights.

The major airline companies that have regular flights to Algeria are:
•    Air France
•    Alitalia
•    British Airways
•    Iberia
•    Lufthansa
•    Qatar Airways
•    Turkish Airlines

There are also some local Algerian Airlines that support internal and international flights:
•    Air Algerie
•    Air Express Algeria
•    Start Aviation
•    Tassili Airlines

Air Algerie

There are 5 major airports that give access to the internal part of the country.

Houari Boumediene Airport – located in Algiers
•    25 airlines serve flights among which are: Air Algerie, Tassili Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways and Lufthansa
•    Access to 75 cities
•    Approximately 623 weekly international flights and 490 domestic

Es Senia Airport – located in Oran
•    10 airlines serve flights among which are: Air Algerie, Aigle Azur, Royal Air Maroc, Saudi Airlines, Air Mediterranee, Spanair, Tassili Airlines
•    Flights to 32 cities
•    Weekly 168 international and 119 domestic flights

Ain El Bey Airport – located in Constantine
•    5 airlines serve flights: Aigle Azur, Air Algerie, Saudia, Tassili Airlines, Turkish Airlines
•    Flights to 18 cities
•    Approximately 63 weekly international and 56 domestic flights

Oued Irara Airport – located in Hassi Messaoud
•    3 airlines operate 7 international and 28 domestic flights a week : Air Algerie, Tassili Airlines, Hahn Air

Les Salines Airport – located in Annaba
•    3 airlines serve flights: Aigle Azur, Air Algerie and Tassili Airlines
•    Flights to 8 cities
•    Approximately 42 weekly international and 70 domestic flights

All of our Algeria tours include domestic flights during the tour, but we do not offer international flight booking.

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