Traditional Henna Art in Morocco

Traditional Henna in Morocco

A visit to Morocco is guaranteed to take your breath away with its beautiful destinations, rich culture, and memorable experiences. One of the most unique experience for the women is a Traditional Henna Art session where you can choose from a wide range of simple and intricate decorative designs.

Origins of Henna

Although the origin of Henna is hard to pinpoint, it has been suggested that it was developed in Northern Africa and then later introduced to Asia and India by North African travellers. Some claim the traditional henna art in Morocco to be traced back to the indigenous Berber communities in the country.

Henna Dye

Henna is a dye produced from the Henna plant. To produce the dye, dried Henna leaves are ground into powder and mixed with water, tea, or lemon juice. The greener the powder, the more effective the paste will be to dye the skin red.

Use of Henna During Moroccan Festivals

Traditionally, henna in Morocco played an essential part of any major festival in Morocco and still does today. Henna is often used in the celebrations of the Id-al-Adha, circumcision, and during marriage festivities. There are also many significant cultural values associated with henna in Morocco.

Traditional Henna at a Moroccan Wedding
Traditional Henna at a Moroccan Wedding

Discover Your Henna Art Experience in Morocco

Henna in Morocco is one of its biggest attractions that travellers from around the world are excited to discover.

While traveling on a Morocco tour, be on the lookout for henna art in the many souks and markets throughout Morocco. You may be approached by Henna sellers to have a Henna done on your hands, but be sure to agree on a price before you have it done. The henna art in Morocco experience is sure to add a bit of fun and culture to your Morocco tour!

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