Top Luxury Kasbah/Hotels in Merzouga, Morocco – Sahara Desert

The majestic Sahara Desert has been the dwelling place of Berbers and Touaregs for centuries. Many of the customs and traditions of the local cultures can be seen in the architecture and design of the kasbahs and hotels in Merzouga. These accommodations offer luxury, hospitality, entertainment, and an oasis for relaxation. Each of these remarkable buildings have been highly rated by the visitors as a place to stay while exploring the Sahara region in Morocco.

Merzouga Sand Dunes
Merzouga Sand Dunes

Kasbah Ramlia

Kasbah Ramlia is lovely hotel in Merzouga Desert surrounded by tranquility and peace. It is an excellent starting point for exploring the Sahara. The premises are simply decorated and every room has its own style. The owners will make you feel completely at home. The Kasbah Ramlia is the best place to disconnect from the busy world and relax in the wonders of the Sahara. It’s an excellent place to stay if you are travelling with family and children.

Kasbah Panorama

Kasbah Panorama offers the best views over the Erg Chebbi Dunes and the Merzouga golden dunes. This is a place recognized for its authenticity and hospitality. The hotel location is on a hill that further contributes to the awe-inspiring views. The roof terrace is an excellent place to have breakfast and dinner. The suites have balconies where you can go out and enjoy the beautiful stary nights. It is one of the best choices to stay and have excursions with camels and 4×4 vehicles.

Jaimas Madu

Jaimas Madu is your destination after a long day camel trekk through the Erg Chebbi Dunes. You will be warmly greeted, settled in, and served amazing food which will be followed with entertainment of local folklore music. This is a nice desert camp tucked between high dunes. Luxurious conditions and amenities are offered in every tent. Staying in the Jaimas Madu is an unforgettable desert experience.

Hotel Ksar Merzouga

Hotel Ksar Merzouga is a traditional Moroccan house on the verge of the dunes. A lovely oasis for luxury and comfort seekers decorated in Moroccan style, the rooms are spacious and cozy. The food is excellent and the service is superb. The Ksar Merzouga is a great place to start your tour to the Erg Chebbi dunes and return for some relaxation. It is a true gate to the Sahara Desert.

Riad Nezha

Riad Nezha is a richly decorated and absolutely amazing hotel. It is greatly recommended for its service, food, and location. The accommodations are spacious and welcoming with views over the dunes and the palm grove. Enjoy the lavish breakfast and dinner in the terraced garden before going for a swim in the outdoor pool or taking a trip in the desert.

Coffee Break at Merzouga Desert Luxury Camp
Coffee Break at Merzouga Desert Luxury Camp

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