Top Family Activities in Tozeur, Tunisia

Date Palms in Tozeur

Situated in the south-west corner of Tunisia, you will find Tozeur, one of the most fascinating cities in Tunisia. It holds the second largest number of date palms and offers a beautiful splash of green against the harsh Sahara surroundings. Days could be spent exploring the sites of Tozeur and you will want to make sure you set aside time to enjoy this region. For those traveling with children, we have listed the top 3 family activities in Tozeur.

1. Soar through the date palms: At Sahara Lounge you can take a zip line course where you go from one date palm to the next. It is a challenging course and no matter the level or age they have different courses set up. There is also a fantastic restaurant and cafe situated amongst the lush oasis palms and fruit trees.

Date Palms in Tozeur
Date Palms in Tozeur

2. Sahara Zoo: Although it is very small, your kids will love the hands on experience at this zoo. If you are with a group you will enjoy a reptile demonstration where you can hold a snake and watch a man pick up a scorpion.

3. Eden Palm: This is a museum and guided tours through the operations of a palmery. Your guide will take you through explaining the specifics of date palms and the importance of the palmery in Tunisian history. At the end you will taste date jams and other treats. They also have a wonderful cafe and playground for the kids.

There are many family activities in Tozeur to enjoy during your Tunisia tour.

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