Top 5 Restaurants in Tunis, Tunisia

Dar El Jeld in Tunis Medina

Tunis is the home of one of the best restaurants in the country offering typical Tunisian cuisine prepared impeccably and served in an excellent ambiance. Whether you are just passing by Tunis or you are planning to stay, these top five restaurants in Tunis that will make you feel at home.

Tunisian Couscous
Tunisian Couscous

Restaurant El Ali

Restaurant El Ali is located in one of the oldest houses in the Medina. The building is completely renovated and offer modern comfort in traditional ambiance. The menu changes with what is fresh and available. The predominant dishes are Tunisian cuisine cooked in the traditional way. You will enjoy the salads appetizers including a tasty brik. For main course try the fish with potatoes and vegetables seasoned to perfection or the chicken tajine with herbs and spinach. The staff is helpful and very attentive. You can accomplish a wonderful stay in this lovely restaurant with a nice souvenir from the hand-made collection of the owner of the restaurant. It is better to visit as part of a large group but if you happen to be by yourself, you will be welcomed and seated as long as there is enough space.

Restaurant Dar El Jeld

Restaurant Dar El Jeld is one of the top restaurants in Tunis, located very close to the Kasbah square. The décor is in the typical Ottoman style ornate and exuberant. The building is an 18th century mansion and serves the best Tunisian food in the country. Guest enjoy ambient Arabic music in the company of Oriental chandeliers, painted ceilings, thick carpets and walls adorned with colored tiles and carved stucco. Try the couscous aux fruit secs or the Loup Farci en Feuillete. Everything from starters to dessert is absolutely delicious. The service is excellent and you would wish to come back again and again.

Dar El Jeld in Tunis Medina
Dar El Jeld in Tunis Medina

Restaurant Chez Slah

Restaurant Chez Slah is said to be the best fish restaurant in Tunis. The atmosphere is almost homelike. The building is hidden in a little side street. The specialty of the house is fresh seafood, especially the grilled squid starter and the sea-bass as a main course. You have never tasted anything more delicious. If you can’t fully decide what to order ask the Manager for his recommendations. The service is professional, efficient and friendly. The food is perfectly cooked, tasty and amazing. The booking service is recommended because it’s a small restaurant.

Restaurant Dar Belhadj

Restaurant Dar Belhadj is an upscale place in typical Tunisian setting located in the medina between the two souks “El Attarine “ and “El Balgagia”. With a view over the Great Mosque “Ezzitouna”, a small alley will take you to the restaurant.  The establishment is well respected by the locals and preferred choice for dining away. The walls are decorated with beautiful tiles. The service is attentive, friendly and helpful. Start with the appetizers recommended by the waiter, then as a main course you can try the couscous or the agneau a la vapeur (steamed lamb). For dessert a must taste is the Tunisian cream with rose water and sprinkled with ground pistachio.

Restaurant El Walima

Restaurant El Walima can be described as an excellent experience. This little restaurant is well renowned for its great food and special atmosphere. The restaurant is owned by the granddaughter of Tunisia’s last Bey. The décor is one to make you feel like you are in the gracious home of the Bey. The plates are decorated in golden design, the candle holders are golden and the chairs are also golden color painted. The food is delicious and abundant. Whatever you choose to order will be prepared in a royal style.

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