Top 3 Restaurants in Marrakech, Morocco

Restaurant in Marrakech

The bustling city of Marrakech offers excellent Moroccan cuisine options. Some of the restaurants also included a cultural show for its evening’s guests. Modern riads have also taken advantage of the richness of the local cuisine flavors as a way to complement their visitors’ stay. Among the finest restaurants in Marrakech serving traditional Moroccan cuisine are Gastro MK at Maison MK, Dar Najat’s Kitchen, and Ksar Es Saoussan.

Restaurant in Marrakech
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Gastro MK at Maison MK

Gastro MK at Maison MK is situated just 2 minutes’ walk from the medina. Its home is the Maison MK which is a lovely riad offering a sun-drenched roof terrace. For every food lover, the Gastro MK is a must-visit. Meals are served on the rooftop patio or under the stars. The dishes are an incredible fusion of Moroccan and modern French cuisine. The restaurant chef prepares excellent dishes reflecting the Moroccan heritage and modern French cuisine. A typical culinary journey in Gastro MK is 5 courses. The artichoke soup is a must-try followed by tender chicken pastille. For the main course opt for the duck leg confit as it will challenge your tastes and make you want more. The spicy cucumber sorbet and the tagine apple tart are sweeter with every bite. Conclude the meal with a cup of mint tea. Make sure to make reservations in advance.

Dar Najat’s Kitchen

Dar Najat’s Kitchen offers amazing food that is tasty and authentic. The service is remarkable and this is seen in the attitude of all the personnel that is fully devoted to the satisfaction of each customer. The tables are few and you can choose whether to dine outside on the terrace or private dining inside. The menu is simple and every meal a perfect choice. To make it even simpler, start with the mezze made of zucchini, aubergines, and lettuce. For the main course, choose a tagine either with chicken or, lamb and prunes. Finish with a fruit salad and a glass of local white wine. The fine dishes, the mesmerizing atmosphere, and the kindness of the hosts make for the perfect night out.

Argana Restaurant in Marrakech
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Ksar Es Saoussan

Ksar Es Saoussan is also located in the heart of the medina and offers its guests a warm and cozy atmosphere. Here, you will discover refined Moroccan cuisine based on a subtle blend of traditional and newly-found flavors. The interior is stunning and the décor reflects the traditional Moorish style. The staff are very helpful and will try their best to make your stay a memorable one. Be sure to taste the pastille with pigeon and almonds, couscous Marrakech, and finish with Moroccan pastry and Mint Tea. Enjoy!

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