Top 3 Guesthouses in Sousse, Tunisia

Delicious Breakfast at Dar Omi

Sousse or Soussa’ is another beautiful resort in Tunisia that has been attracting visitors from all over the world. The city overlooks the ocean and due to its location and sandy beaches make it a must-see city. Being in the city is one of the most relaxing experiences for a traveler. Staying in a traditional Tunisian guesthouse will ensure that you are fully immersed in the local spirit. Although, the majority of the accommodation offered in Sousse belongs to hotel chains, a visit to any of these 3 guesthouses in Sousse will make you feel cozy and well cared for.

Ribat in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sousse Medina
Ribat in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sousse Medina

Dar Omi

Dar Omi translates to ‘house of my mother’. This is a very beautiful modern Tunisian villa with a touch of authenticity. At your service will be 3 nicely decorated rooms that are spacious and comfortable. The rooms have their own view and are equipped with a balcony. The kitchen is the most central point in the Dar Omi. The owner and manager of Dar Omi is an amazing chef specialized in cooking traditional Tunisian food. Its table gathers the guests to taste some of the outstanding dishes prepared by the hostess and her family. A delicious breakfast is included with your stay with the option to pay a little extra for home-cooked meals. If you are interested in a cooking lesson, you can arrange this with the owner which includes picking fresh ingredients at the local market and getting a step-by-step demonstration in the kitchen to cook a delicious full course Tunisia meal. Dar Omi is your ‘home away from home’ which will make you feel the genuine character of the Tunisian people that are open, warm, and friendly.

Delicious Breakfast at Dar Omi
Delicious Breakfast at Dar Omi

Dar Almadina

Dar Almadina is located in the heart of the historic medina of Sousse. It is a small gem that you will have to find while exploring the souk and the narrow labyrinth streets of the city. The Dar’s big blue door rises majestically and is inviting you to look at what it hides inside. The courtyard is a true oasis, especially after walking the medina. You will receive an authentic warm and personalized welcome from the owner of the Dar. Breakfast is plentiful and will keep you full for a day full of adventures while exploring the city. Dar Almadina is in close proximity to the beach. There are plenty of restaurants in the area, but you are free to choose and have diner in the guest house which will be a true culinary journey.

Dar Baaziz

Dar Baaziz is located in the heart of Sousse in close proximity to the Grand Mosque Ribat Souk. This is a traditional Arab house in the historic part of the city. This is a completely renovated and new property that has 5 rooms available for guests. The beautiful terrace of the Dar overlooks the interiors of the city and makes it a preferable place to have breakfast. All suites are spacious and comfortable. The décor is in the traditional Tunisian style. Onsite you can find the pleasure of a hammam. It is a nice and relaxing retreat from the busiest part of Sousse.

Want to Visit Sousse?

If you are interested in visiting Sousse, our North Africa travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour including a stay in one of these beautiful guesthouses in Sousse.

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