Top 3 Cities to Visit in Morocco

Bustling souk in Fes

Moroccan cities are a wonder to explore. You can sip mint tea in a chic cafe in ‘New Tow’ or get lost in the ancient medinas where only a local guide can help you get out. We would recommend these top 3 cities to visit in Morocco.


The historic city of Fes is over 1,200 years old and should definitely be among the top cities to visit in Morocco. It is also the second largest city in Morocco after Casablanca. The city of Fes boasts one of the biggest medieval medinas in the world and also one of the largest ‘no car zones’ within a city. Make sure to take a full day guided tour in order to maximize your tour experience to fully enjoy the numerous sites and sounds. A guided tour is recommended because it is easy to get lost among the thousands of winding streets and alleyways. While visiting Fes, we would recommend spending the night at a Riad, which is a traditional guesthouse with the authentic Moroccan vibe and architecture, in order to truly experience this city.

Bustling souk in Fes
Bustling souk in Fes


Chefchaouen is another must-see city among the top cities to visit in Morocco. The gorgeous blue and white city is tucked away in the Atlas Mountains and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. There is a quaint medina to stroll though. Chefchaouen also offers a much more relax atmosphere from larger cities like Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Chefchaouen - Morocco's Blue City
Chefchaouen – Morocco’s Blue City


Enjoy fresh seafood from the day’s catch while sitting in one of Essarouira’s many charming restaurants. Essaouira is an attractive city where you can walk through the fishing port of take in some of the history at the ‘Skala de la Ville.’ A fun evening activity is riding a camel on the beach during the sunset.

Essaouira Port
Essaouira Port

Visit These Spectacular Cities to Visit in Morocco

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