Tips to a Safe and Unforgettable Algeria Tour

Mary at Timgad ruins in Algeria

Many travelers ask if Algeria travel is safe? Due to violence in certain regions visitors often shy away from Algeria and visit neighbouring Tunisia and Morocco. But if you are looking for an authentic North Africa tour away from the crowds and journey where many travellers do not go, then you need to experience Algeria on an unforgettable Algeria tour.

Algeria Travel Tips

Our priority is that you experience Algeria and feel safe during your tour and this is some of the things we do to provide you with comfort and ease as you travel:

1. Tour Manager: You will be accompanied by a tour manager for your entire tour. Your tour manager will make sure all your logistical details are taken care of during the tour.

2. Security Escorts: Our tour manager will make sure your group is escorted by local authorities to your destinations. Some travelers find this slows the trip down, but they will assist you to reach your destinations in a safe and timely manner.

3. Certain Regions: We do not offer tours where it is deemed unsafe and we respect and abide by local laws and customs. If the government is closed an area to visitors, such as the deep south, then we do not offer tours there.

4. Going out alone: We do not recommend travelers go out alone, especially at night.

Let Us Plan Your Algeria Tour

Dawn with Algerian teachers

We want you to explore the incredible sites and sounds that await your discovery. Contact us for your an unforgettable Algeria tour and it is our pleasure to serve you and prepare your Algeria tour.

About the author

Kevin Dyck is the founder of Mosaic North Africa and has over 11 years experience living in North African countries. He is an Arabic speaker with a passion for travelers to encounter the diverse cultures and natural beauty found throughout the North Africa region. He currently lives in and works for MNA from Tunis, Tunisia.

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