Things to Know About Accommodations in Algeria

Where should I stay during my Algeria tour?

Unlike its neighboring countries, Algeria does not offer the same number of hotel options for you to choose from. Saying that, Algeria does offer tastefully decorated hotels in order for you to enjoy your Algeria experience. Below are some helpful hints when planning your accommodations in Algeria.

1. For those wanting to have a more luxurious stay, we recommend a 5★ hotel. Most 3★ accommodations in Algeria are just that, 3★ and quite basic. Outside of major cities, you will not find many 5★ accommodations in Algeria so we will recommend the best 3★ or 4★ available.

2. Often you will not find 3★ accommodations in Algeria with modern conveniences in your room such as a coffee maker, hair dryer, etc. But if its coffee that you are after, you will most likely find a cafe in the hotel or just down the road.

3. We can request special Algerian dishes to be served in many 3★ hotels.

Fresh seafood lunch
Fresh seafood lunch

4. For those looking for a traditional stay, you will find these during your Oasis or desert tour.

Sahara Desert in Djanet
Sahara Desert in Djanet

Ask one of our Mosaic North Africa Travel Experts for our recommended accommodations in Algeria. We have hand-selected hotel and guesthouse options in each region within the country. We are happy to help you plan your Algeria tour to meet your standards and budget.

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