Thalassotherapy Spa in Djerba

Thalassotherapy Spa

“Thalassa” is the Greek word for sea. For centuries, the thalassotherapy is considered to have an extraordinary effect over the body. The thalassotherapy spa in Djerba benefits from clear water beaches and warm Mediterranean weather. Its climate is suitable for thalassotherapy procedures and that’s one of the main reasons why the island is the home of several Thalasso and Spa hotels of the highest ranking.

Beach in Djerba
Beach in Djerba

If you are planning to take a time off and restore your energy by flattering the body and the soul, you might consider visiting any of these four destinations for their excellent thalassotherapy spa in Djerba:

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba

Hasdrubal Prestige Djerba is a 5-star resort situated on the Sidi Mahrez Beach in the city of Triffa. The Thalassotherapy center is spread over 11.000 sq. meters and 3.200 sq. meters outdoor lagoon. Guests of the hotel can choose between 9 different therapies over the period of 4, 6 or 9 days. The facilities include state-of the-art covered swimming pools, therapy areas, massage area, Jacuzzis and fully equipped fitness center. The lagoon offers freshwater, seawater and spa pools. The personnel is highly experienced, the rooms are spacious and comfortable while the welcoming onsite restaurants will delight your senses.

Hotel in Djerba

Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa & Spa Djerba

Hasdrubal Prestige Thalassa and Spa Djerba is another 5-star resort from the Hasrubal family situation in the city of Midoun. This is the ideal place to stop for those who wish to relax in a world dedicated to well-being. The spa center is built on 5.000 sq. meters and has a separate wet and dry zone, two Hammams, fitness and sauna. Once again, hotel guests can opt out of a thalassotherapy program with different length. The beach is couple of steps away from the hotel and there is plenty of space between decks. The food in the restaurants is both traditional and continental. This hotel is equipped with everything to make you feel spoiled and pampered.

Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso

Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso is located in Houmt Souk and overlooks the beach. Needless to say, the Radisson brand is known for high quality service and 5-star accommodations. The Athénée Thalasso spreads over 3.500 sq. meters over two levels facing the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the spa treatments include cryotherapy, seaweed wraps, massages, passothereapy, reflexology, shiatsu, traditional Thai massage, jet shower and Aquagym. Any of these will make you feel relaxed and balanced. There are Jacuzzis with jets in both outdoor and indoor 30-meter swimming pools. Five restaurants will cater for every taste.

Thalassotherapy Spa
Thalassotherapy Spa

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso

Radisson Blu Ulysse Resort & Thalasso has its own private beach in the city of Mezraya. A 5-star luxury is awaiting its guests. The superb thalassotherapy center is built in a typical Moorish style featuring beautiful arcades and patios. A wide variety of treatments is available at the spa, including Shiatsu, Herbalax, Ayurvedic and Tchong Mo massage. Each treatment is based on the beneficial effects of seawater and ancestral know-how. There are 4 restaurants onsite, 4 tennis courts and a variety of water sports.

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