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Countries visitedAlgeria
Date of tourMarch 2014

Generally, I do not travel in groups but recognize that by reason of the location, etc. it was necessary here. I think you guys did an excellent job in a place that is not really ready for tourists. In our case it was the group that made the trip as Algeria, apart from the Roman ruins, does not compare favorably to Morocco or Tunisia in terms of amenities, food, hotels, or even visual experience. The fact that we needed so much police protection says it all. Our group leaders, travel guides, and the sites we saw, however, made for a unique and wonderful experience that it is unlikely to be duplicated by the average tourist.


Tour Itineraries

Explore Algeria’s West Tour – 5 Days

This Algeria tour will take you traveling from Algiers toward the port city of Oran, while exploring spectacular Roman sites such as Tipaza and Tlemcen along the way.

Experience Algeria Tour – 8 Days

This 8 days Algeria tour takes you to some of its best historical and cultural attractions including ancient Roman ruins, basilicas, museums and much more.

Algeria History and Culture Tour – 9 Days

The Algeria History and Culture tour will take you traveling throughout Algeria over 9 days to learn about its rich history and become immersed into its unique culture.

Deep South Algeria Adventure Tour – 10 Days

This 10 days Algeria tour takes you to the region of Djanet located in the Deep South of Algeria. Here you will have an authentic Algeria adventure tour exploring the awe-inspiring Sahara desert with its extraordinary natural beauty of desert mountains, canyons, rock arches, and towering sand dunes. You will spend a few nights in traditional […]

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