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Countries visitedMorocco
Date of tourJune 2012

Hamid [driver] was very attentive to our needs and responsive to requests. In many instances, he served as a guide as well as a driver. He is knowledgeable about the country. The only thing that did not work as well as it might have was due to his not really being a guide. He was responsive to questions… The level of personal care and commitment to our needs and desires by the operator and the driver were truly outstanding.


Tour Itineraries

Spain Connect Morocco Tour – 8 Days

The Spain Connect Morocco tour is designed to connect your Southern Spain adventure to a spectacular 8 days Morocco tour. The tour begins in Tangier and takes you on a 8 days journey traversing through ancient cities before arriving to Casablanca.

Explore Morocco Tour – 7 Days

The Kingdom of Morocco offers some of the finest in North African tourism. From pristine coasts along both the Mediterranean and Atlantic, to the splendour of the snow-capped high-Atlas mountains… from the majestic vistas of the Sahara Desert to the winding medieval alleyways of its ancient cities… the geography of Morocco forms the fantastic backdrop […]

Ancient Cities and Sahara Sand Tour – 11 Days

The Ancient Cities and Sahara Sand Tour is designed to take you to explore ancient Imperial cities and the beautiful Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Highlights of Morocco Tour – 13 Days

The Highlights of Morocco tour will take you to see many of Morocco’s best historical and cultural attractions. Your Morocco tour will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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