Sites to Visit in Tamanrasset, Algeria

Tamanrasset is an oasis town located in the south of Algeria more than 1500 kilometers from Algiers. The city covers an area of approximately 38 square kilometers and is 1400 meters above sea level. Tamanrasset or “Tam” as it is called by the locals is the undisputed capital of the Hoggar. The city benefits from a hot desert climate and has little rain throughout the year. With its red houses and the magnificent panorama make the city a particularly warming place.

Tamanrasset in Hoggar
Tamanrasset in Hoggar

A Brief History

Beginning around 1980, the development of tourism brought economical benefits to Tamanrasset. The father of Foucault, officer of the French army that first came to the city in 1905, has left an important impression with his Bordj (a fortified establishment) located next to the Museum of Traditional Art, filled with pieces of beautiful crafts: jewelry, clothing, and weapons. The town market is also very attractive with its belt shops and street vendors.

Sites to Visit in Tamanrasset

When visiting Tamanrasset, there are several splendid sights to be visited. These are the hermitage of Charles Foucault, the monument Laperrine (this was the official name of the city during the French ruling), the Tamanrasset market and the Museum Opna. Another interesting site is the Sudanese style homes.

Tamanrasset Sahara Desert
Tamanrasset Sahara Desert

If you are looking for some adventure, you should definitely book a trip to explore the Sahara desert where you can see some incredible rock formations. Some travellers enjoy watching the sunset over the Sahara background while enjoying a nice cup of Algerian tea.

Located just a few kilometers away is the hot spring, Adriane. Close by are also two unique monuments – the tombs of Prince Moussa Ag and his cousin Dassine Ould Khemma. Both are popular sites among the locals.

Want to Visit Tamanrasset?

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  1. Pau wai man

    Is it possible to travel independently in Tamanrasset? Is there a short tour of just three or four days, including one night camping in Asserkram?

    1. Hi Pau, Thanks for visiting our site. Unfortunately, independent travel in Tamanrasset is not possible and must be done with a guide (they are required by the local government) and we only offer tours there that are 4-5 days long.

      Please let us know if you are interested in planning a tour with us. Our Algeria travel experts can greatly assist in the planning.

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