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Decorative Plates in Marrakech

Best Tips for Shopping in Morocco Souks

Morocco is a wonderful country for shopping. The Morocco souks (Arabic markets) in every big city have a specific culture, craftsmanship, and traditions that is bustling with life. It is absolutely amazing to see these colourful and bright markets that will remind you of places...

Algerian Currency and Foreign Exchange

Working with money in Algeria is somewhat challenging for most travelers and there are not many foreign exchange outlets available. It is highly recommendable to prepare in advance when considering a trip to the country and mark the best available options for currency exchange....

Tips for Purchasing a Carpet in Morocco

Morocco is the land of amazing carpets full of color and design. Moroccan carpets can be grouped into two catagoris: rural and urban, Berber or Arab. Some are influenced by the oriental designs of the Middle East and are beautifully decorated. Berber carpets are unique in their...