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tunis airport quarantine check

Is It Safe to Travel in Tunisia?

Over the past number of weeks and months, Tunisia has been in the news due to political changes initiated by President Kais Saied, which have often led to demonstrations on the streets. In addition to...
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Taxi in Tunisia

Traveling By Road in Tunisia

Traveling by road in Tunisia is one of the best ways to explore this beautiful country. Tunisia has a large road network connecting all of the main cities and towns. The main motorways in Tunisia...
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Is It Safe to Travel in Algeria?

There has been concern over the years whether it is safe to travel in Algeria. The answer is yes, it is safe to travel in most parts of Algeria. In those areas that are restricted,...
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Money travel tips

Money Travel Tips: Cash or Credit Card in North Africa

A common question among travelers to North Africa is whether they should bring cash for their tour for meals, souvenirs, etc. Below are recommendations for obtaining local currency when traveling in North Africa. Cash or...
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Constantine - The City of Bridges

Is Algeria a Safe Place to Travel?

Is Algeria a safe place to travel? Algeria has received a lot of negative media over the past number of years and is often left untraveled. We do recognize that there are unsafe places to...
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Mary at Timgad ruins in Algeria

Tips to a Safe and Unforgettable Algeria Tour

Many travelers ask if Algeria travel is safe? Due to violence in certain regions visitors often shy away from Algeria and visit neighbouring Tunisia and Morocco. But if you are looking for an authentic North...
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Female Travelers in Morocco

If you are considering traveling by yourself in Morocco, or with a group of girlfriends, there are several tips that need to be taken into consideration which will make your travels through this beautiful country...
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