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Tunisia Sahara Quad Bike

Family Quad Trip in the Tunisian Sahara

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One of our favorite family excursions in the Tunisian Sahara is to take a quad ride in Ksar Ghilane. Led by an expert guide, your family will travel over both large and small dunes until you reach the historic Roman fort located on the dunes. Spend time exploring this ancient...
Slave quarters at Ksar Soltane

Exploring the Ksars of Southern Tunisia

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While traveling through southern Tunisia, we could not miss an opportunity to explore ancient grain storage buildings, Ksars. The kids loved the adventure of climbing up ancient stair cases, and old ‘Gorfas’ rooms.  
Tea over open fire

A Night with the Nomads in the Tunisian Sahara Desert

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Camping in the Sahara desert is easily one of our family’s favourite things to do.  Our daughter still has vivid memories of the times that daddy scooping her out of her pre-dawn slumber in the Fes Medina to begin traveling down south to the Moroccan Sahara for the...
Jay and Anita Tunisia Tour - Sahara Desert Sunset

Mystery in the Sahara Dunes

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Oh… the allover awe-inspiring mystery of the Sahara dunes… No trip to Southern Tunisia is complete without a visit to Ksar Ghilane.  I admit I was skeptical.  We turned our little blue box-on-wheels car south off the highway between the resilient outposts of...

From Islands to Cities…

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There’s no doubt about it… things just have a different feel on an island. After years living in Fes, Morocco, I still find myself marveling at the significant differences between life there then and here now on the island of Djerba.  Even as I walked to the office...