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Mosque Djamaa el Djedid in Algiers

Two Historic Mosques to Visit in Algeria

Mosque Djamaa el Djedid is one of the historical mosques of Algiers. Mosque Djamaa el Kebir in Tlemcen occupies the site of what was probably an ancient pantheon.
Highlights of Tunisia tour - Sousse Catacombs

The Catacombs of Sousse in Tunisia

The catacombs of Sousse are an ancient underground necropolis used by the Christians to bury the dead. The Sousse catacombs consist of galleries stretching over 5 kilometers and containing more than 15,000 graves mostly from the 4th and 5th century. Due to the changed landscape...

Augustine History and Sites on an Algeria Tour

Augustine of Hippo also known as Saint Augustine is an early Christian theologian who has greatly influenced Western Christianity and Philosophy. His life and work has been most fascinating leaving a legacy that is cherished over the centuries. Learn about the history of...

History of the Kairouan Mosque in Fes, Morocco

The Kairaouine Mosque in Fes has a fascinating history. Built in 859 by the daughter of a wealthy merchant originating from Tunisia, this religious site has been the gathering point of the Muslim community over centuries. In the early 9th century, the family of Fatima Al-Fihri...

Brief History of the Tomb of the Christian or Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania in Algeria

Among diverse heritage of Algeria, there is one that particularly stands out because of its significance in the antiquity of Northern Africa. The Tomb of the Christian or as it is known in French La Tombeau de la Chretienne is a magnificent mausoleum situated between the towns of...

Planning Your Tunisia Tour – Public and Religious Holidays

When planning a trip to Tunisia below is a list of public and religious holidays to consider and ask us if your tour falls on any of the holiday days. New Year Day (1st of January)-  an internationally recognized public holiday. Mouloud: the holiday is relate to the observance of...