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Photos on a Rainy Day in Chefchaouen, Morocco

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Enjoy this selection of our family travels in beautiful Chefchaouen in Morocco.
Tea over open fire

A Night with the Nomads in the Tunisian Sahara Desert

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Camping in the Sahara desert is easily one of our family’s favourite things to do.  Our daughter still has vivid memories of the times that daddy scooping her out of her pre-dawn slumber in the Fes Medina to begin traveling down south to the Moroccan Sahara for the...


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Unbelievable that this pasta the size of a needle head can cause such an ecstatic culinary experience… Whether it’s pronounced ‘ksks’, ‘seksu’ or ‘kuskusi’, any trip to North Africa would be incomplete without at least one...

Mmmm… Street Food

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Food is important.  Around the globe people take great pains to prepare it, serve it and gather around it.  Traditional cultures everywhere often share food as a gesture of hospitality, relationship and invitation into their homes and hearts.  Sometimes meals are simple, a bowl...