Everything You Need to Know About Moroccan Argan Oil

Everyone visiting Morocco will inevitably visit one of the local souks (market).  If you visit a souk in the south of Morocco, you will find many vendors selling this golden-brown liquid.  When a shop owner...
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Vegetable tagine

Cooking Class in Morocco: Fes or Marrakech

Moroccan cuisine is world-famous and there are good reasons for this. Delicious tajines with steaming hot vegetables and meat, mixed with an assortment of spices bursts with flavours and you will want to try them...
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Couscous in tajine

Everything You Need to Know About Moroccan Tagine

Following our popular article on everything you need to know about Tunisian Harissa, we will now explore Moroccan cuisine to discover the world famous Moroccan tagine. Disclaimer: Reading this article may make you extremely hungry....
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Using Fresh Ingredients

Halawiyat Tounsia: Baking Passion into Business in Djerba

If you are walking near downtown Houmt Souk in Djerba, you might smell the sweet aroma of delicious pastries and sweets coming from Halawiyat Tounsia before you even see this small bakery. I happened to...
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Tajine dishes in front of Ait Ben Haddou

Moroccan Cuisine: Three Delicious Dishes

Morocco cuisine is world-famous for its delicious taste and is arguably the best in the North Africa region. Using a variety of spices each dish bursts with flavours! Here are three Moroccan cuisine dishes that...
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Moroccan Couscous

Recipe for Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan cuisine is very delicious, original, and rich in flavor, slightly spicy, simple, and nourishing. It has something to offer to the most refined taste. The ingredients that are normally used are the ones being...
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Dar El Jeld in Tunis Medina

Top 5 Restaurants in Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is the home of one of the best restaurants in the country offering typical Tunisian cuisine prepared impeccably and served in an excellent ambiance. Whether you are just passing by Tunis or you are...
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Algerian Merguez

Famous Algerian Food and Recipes

Algerian food is a mixture of Berber, Arab, Turkish, French and Jewish dishes. The locals prefer eating more spicy food rich in vegetables, meat and seasonings. Desserts are made of fresh fruits and dates. A...
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Tunisian Couscous

Recipe for Tunisian Couscous

Couscous is one of the most common meals in the Maghreb. It is often eaten in Morocco on Fridays and in Tunisia on Sundays. The specific about it is that it is prepared in a...
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Moroccan Mint Tea

Recipe for Moroccan Mint Tea

The preparation of an excellent Moroccan mint tea is a true art. The mint tea is a national drink for Morocco and each Moroccan takes it with pride. For the making of a good mint...
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Tunisian Tajine Recipe

Tajine in Tunisian could almost be describe as a quiche. It is not to be confused with the Moroccan tajine (read our Everything You Need to Know About Morccan Tajine article). This dish is spicy...
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Mary meal with driver

Cooking Lessons in Morocco

While traveling in Morocco, do not miss the opportunity to learn to cook world famous Moroccan cuisine by taking cooking lessons in Morocco. The specific tastes is due to the mixture of different flavors and spices...
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