Utica Archaeological Site

Utica in Tunisia – Archaeological Site and Museum

Utica, which means “old town” in the Punic language, is an archaeological site founded by Phoenician sailors of Tar in 1101 B.C
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Bardo Museum

Discover the History of Tunisia at the Bardo Museum and Sousse Archaeological Museum

The Bardo Museum in Tunis and the Sousse Archaeological Museum have the most extensive and impressive collection of artifacts which represents the history of Tunisia. When you visit these museums, you’ll be amazed at some...
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Archaeological Tours in Algeria

Whether exploring Tipaza beside the Mediterranean Sea, or gazing over the vast site of Timgad, or standing in the Basilica of Peace in Hippo, Algeria is awaiting your discovery! Algeria is a fascinating country with...
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Bardo National Museum in Tunis

Best 3 Museums to Visit in Tunis, Tunisia

Besides beautiful beaches and luxury hotels and restaurants, there are many fascinating museums to visit in Tunis. One of the finest and visited tourist destinations in the outskirts of the city is the Bardo National Museum....
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Zana: Archeological Site in Algeria

Zana or Diana Veteranorum is an ancient site located 90 kilometers southwest of Constantine. Dating back to at least the 2nd century AD it was established for the veterans from the Third Augustan Legion. Later...
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Discover the Archaeological Site of Khemissa, Algeria

Khemissa is an Algerian town located in the northeastern part of the country. It is also the commune (administrative subdivision) in Souk Ahras Province. The town is best known for being the home of one...
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Archaeological Sites Off the Tourist Track – Madure and Khemissa in Algeria

Madure Madure’s Roman ruins are situated near Souk Ahras. Madure is surrounded by beautiful hills with superb views. The ruins have a number of important sights that make the visit well worth the effort. You...
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