UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tipasa

Tipaza: An Unforgettable Roman Site in Algeria

Tipaza or ‘Tipasa’ is a small coastal town in the northern part of Algeria at the foot of Mount Chenoua. The language of the locals is Berber and the town is sheltered by Chenoua. This port-city...
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Is It Safe to Travel in Algeria?

There has been concern over the years whether it is safe to travel in Algeria. The answer is yes, it is safe to travel in most parts of Algeria. In those areas that are restricted,...
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Sheep for Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice)

Holidays in Algeria

Algeria is an Islamic country with specific holidays in Algeria that are strictly followed by all official authorities. The local population is also deeply respectful towards those dates. Therefore, if you are planning to travel...
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Oran, Algeria

Family Travel in Algeria

Algeria is a place full of history and culture that is worth exploring. A visit to this vast and beautiful country is an inspiring adventure for travelers that are looking to take on difficult terrains...
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Sidi M'Cid Bridge above the Rhumel Gorge

3 Must-See Sites in Constantine, Algeria

Encounter one of Algeria’s most picturesque cities as you gaze over the Rhumel Gorge in Constantine. This city of 500,000 should not be missed during your Algeria tour circuit.  Below are three reasons to take...
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Montreal to Algiers Direct Flights with Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge, the vacation and leisure airline subsidiary of Air Canada, recently launched their new Montreal to Algiers direct flight route on June 30, 2017. Passengers will travel between Montreal and Algiers on the...
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Plugs C, E, F

Which Power Plugs to Use in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria?

Power Plugs and Sockets of Morocco In Morocco, the standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets in Morocco are of type C and E. – A Plug type C...
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Weather and Climates in Algeria

The weather in Algeria ranges widely during the different seasons and in different parts throughout the country. In the coastal regions of northern Algeria, the climate resembles a mild Mediterranean coastal climate. Further south of the...
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Algeria English Speaking Tours

Algeria is an incredible country to visit, but it has often been left untraveled by English speaking explorers.  Many years ago myself and a friend decided to visit the sites of St. Augustine on our...
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Algeria Adventure: Roman North Africa

Mosaic North Africa organized a group of 17 archaeologists, church historians, and Roman historians from June 5th to the 14th, 2012, in Algeria. I accompanied the group for the majority of the trip as we...
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Custom Tours: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

How do you know  which sites to visit, cities to see, medina’s to explore, and hotels to stay in? North Africa is a filled with marvelous places to see and it is truly a Safari...
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Planning Your Algeria Trip

Algeria is an absolutely wonderful country to visit but there are a few hints to keep in mind as you are planning your Algeria trip. 1. Tourist Visa: You will be required to have a tourist...
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