Is Algeria a Safe Place to Travel?

Constantine - The City of Bridges

Is Algeria a safe place to travel?

Algeria has received a lot of negative media over the past number of years and is often left untraveled. We do recognize that there are unsafe places to travel to in Algeria, but does that mean that the whole country should remain undiscovered?

We have three tips below to help you to stay safe and to enjoy your Algeria experience.

1. Travel with a Tour Manager: Algeria is not as travel friendly as neighbouring Morocco, and Tunisia. There are taxis and buses but they are not as easy to navigate and can be intimidating if you do not know where you exactly are going. All Mosaic North Africa tours are led by an Algerian tour manager who makes sure that you arrive to the sites and hotels in a safe and timely manner. You can relax and enjoy your experience as your tour manager takes care of the details.

2. Security Escorts Where Needed: Our tour managers will organized secuirty escorts depending on the places you travel in the country. Depending on group size and place of travel will dictate if the security escorts are needed.

3. Tell Someone Where You Are Going: Although this can be common sense, it is very important that your tour manager knows if you are planning on wandering off. We also do not recommend late night walks through urban centers alone.

Constantine - The City of Bridges
Constantine – The City of Bridges

Is Algeria a safe place to travel? These are just a few tips to help you prepare for your Algeria tour, but we would still recommend you to review and follow the travel advisory from your passport country.

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