Stay in Traditional Guesthouses Rather than Hotels in Tunisia

Dar Sidi Abdallah in El Kef

The traditional guesthouses in Tunisia, like those in the rest of the Maghreb countries, are old establishments (usually historical landmarks) that have been completely renovated and transformed into charming living spaces that will hide you in their premises and keep you away from the rustle and bustle of the outside life.

A Cultural Experience

Unlike hotel chains, traditional guesthouses in Tunisia are rare gems that are commonly owned and operated by entire generation of families. You will find that most traditional guesthouses in Tunisia are dedicated to a sincere attempt at great hospitality and honest cooking. A smiling and inviting staff will show you to your room that will most likely make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Dar Ben Gacem in Tunis Medina
Dar Ben Gacem in Tunis Medina

Traditional guesthouses reflect the elegant architecture and safeguard the forms of the historic building that will welcome you into a charming space with beautifully decorated interiors that will ensure you will have a memorable stay. Some guesthouses will invite you into its decorated courtyard , with fresh aroma coming from the flowers, and the serenity of a swimming pool that is typically located in the middle of the courtyard.

Dar Sidi Abdallah in El Kef
Dar Sidi Abdallah in El Kef

Most guesthouses in Tunisia will have 10 or fewer rooms available which makes them even more welcoming as with less occupancy there are greater possibilities to emerge in the local culture and tradition of the way Tunisians live. The service is focused on the detail. The in-house hammam is an excellent place to relax and pamper one’s senses.

Locally Cooked Cuisine

Visiting traditional guesthouses in Tunisia is a brilliant opportunity to taste local cuisine prepared with innate passion and locally sourced ingredients in their cooking. The food menu typically features fresh, local and seasonal dishes which will leave you desiring for more.

great desire and which tastes absolutely amazing. Once you taste the food of the local guesthouse there is likely a chance that you will want to explore anything else.
The coziness, warmness, and special care is what makes the guesthouse a better choice than a hotel. If the purpose of your Tunisian stay is to feel even for a moment like a local, then choosing a guesthouse will satisfy these wishes.

Deliciously Cooked Breakfast at Dar Omi Guesthouse in Sousse
Deliciously Cooked Breakfast at Dar Omi Guesthouse in Sousse

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