Skiing in Morocco

Ifrane City Center

When thinking of Morocco, few people consider a day of skiing in Morocco while on tour during the months of January and February. For those looking for an unusual ski holiday, perhaps a Morocco holiday to the Atlas mountains should be your next destination. Morocco is the home of several ski resort options:

Oukaïmeden Skiing Park
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Hidden in the Atlas Mountains, a hundred kilometers from Marrakech, this resort offers incredible views and is a perfect place for some skiing in Morocco during your vacation. The lift travels to an amazing height of 3272 meters above sea level. At the base, you may be lucky to photograph a cactus covered with snow. The highest parts of the Atlas Mountains offer pleasant ski conditions from January till March. The closest airport is in Marrakech and the best time for free-riding is in February. A typical trip to Oukaïmeden will be a day or a weekend. Consider adding a few days to experience the culture of Marrakesh.

Ifrane City Center
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The center of the city of Ifrane is at 1750 meters above sea level. Close to Ifrane is a large national park filled with some of the largest cedar forests in the world. The name of the city in Berber means cave. The local caves offer additional opportunities for exploring besides skiing and snowboarding.

Djebel Mischliffen

Today, Djebel Mischliffen is an excellent destination in the area of the Atlas Mountains and it is a favourite for locals living in Fes and Meknes as it is only an hour’s drive away.

Plan Your Winter Vacation with Skiing in Morocco

Morocco is an ideal holiday destination for a winter holiday. Contact one of our travel experts to start planning your private Morocco tour which can include spending one day or longer for amazing skiing in Morocco.

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