Respecting Local Cultures While Traveling in Morocco

Morocco Souk

Morocco is an incredible country to visit and you will experience warm Moroccan hospitality during your tour! It is best, while traveling in any country, to be sure to respect the local cultures in Morocco.

Below are a few simple tips to help you better understand and respect Moroccan culture and traditions.

  • If you are offered tea or something to eat, do not refuse and enjoy the hospitality
  • Bargaining is part of the local cultures in Morocco, but not all items need to be bargained for. Ask your driver for tips on which handicrafts you should ask for a lower price.
  • Pay attention how your dress and make sure your clothing is appropriate and respectful towards the locals
  • Always ask before taking pictures of local people
Morocco Souk
Morocco Souk
Moroccan Berber Culture
Moroccan Berber Culture
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Kevin Dyck is the founder of Mosaic North Africa and has over 11 years experience living in North African countries. He is an Arabic speaker with a passion for travelers to encounter the diverse cultures and natural beauty found throughout the North Africa region. He currently lives in and works for MNA from Tunis, Tunisia.

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