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The Temple of Water at Zaghouan
Temple of Water
Zaghouan Hiking Trail
Zaghouan Hiking Trail
Zaghouan Mountainview
Zaghouan Mountainview
Place to Visit: Zaghouan

Zaghouan is a historical town in northeast Tunisia that has been built on the ancient Roman site of Zigus. The city is spread over the northern slope of Mount Zaghwan at a height of 1.295 meters above sea level. The soil is extremely fertile around the region which has transformed the city into an agricultural center. The main crops are grapes, olives, and vegetables. The local industry also includes food processing and textile manufacturing. Zaghouan is also known for the production of rose essence.

Ancient Aqueduct and the Temple of Water

Zaghouan houses parts of a Roman aqueduct and canal network that is considered to have been built during the ruling of Hadrian in the 2nd century BC. These ancient formations were used to carry water over more than 130 kilometers from Zaghouan to Carthage. The Romans called this source of water, the Temple of Water. It was, however, destroyed in the 7th century and rebuilt during the rulings of the Arabs in the 13th century.


This region is well known for its hiking trails that offer some of the best in the country. The trails include the “Water Trail” that begins from the Temple of Water and links Zaghouan with Carthage. Travelers can visit the Zaghouan National Park and urban parkland around the Temple of Water spread over more than 19.000 hectares. The trail also leads to the Djebel Zaghouan that houses rare animals and plants. It attracts those who wish to explore the 25 caves and grottoes.


If you are looking to stay overnight, the best accommodation in the area is Dar Zaghouan. This is a traditional family house with a bio farm with many animals such as cows, horses, ostriches, peacocks, and chickens. The rooms are beautiful and overlook the vast plains and mountains. The Dar has two swimming pools with clear crystal water. The guesthouse is located 50 kilometers from the Tunis capital and offers great views of the local natural scenery. You can enjoy dinner with healthy and organic food options onsite. After the meal, the hosts will present the melouf (traditional and religious Tunisian vocals). The location and quality service makes this accommodation an excellent starting point to explore the area.

Want to Visit Zaghouan?

If you are interested in visiting Zaghouan, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour.