Destination typeUNESCO World Heritage, historic site

On the shores of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, the Roman site of Tipasa, (a UNESCO world heritage site), is said to have been founded during the reign of Emperor Claudius in 41-55 AD. The city of Tipasa, about 70 km from Algiers, was a Roman commercial center as well as a type of retirement community for veteran Roman soldiers who had spent their careers serving their empire. It was also a very important site for Christians as is evidenced by the large Christian basilica and baptistery. An important Christian saint, St. Salsa, is said to have been martyred here after she took and threw a pagan idol into the sea. While visiting the site travelers will also be pleased to discover baths, an amphitheater, a forum, villas, and a fish factory among other well-preserved ruins. Tipasa town is also home to a small museum that hosts numerous intricate mosaics from antiquity. It is worth visiting this museum just to see the mosaic, Pax et Concordia, with its vibrant colors and Christian symbols.

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Tour Itineraries

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