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Where is Timimoun?

Timimoun is situated in the Gourara region of northern Adrar Province. It is a small oasis town in the heart of the magnificent Grand Erg Occidental in Algeria that is waiting to be discovered. The region is characterized by its deserted and uninhibited parts. This is mainly due to the high sand dunes that constantly shifts across the hot sandy plains of the Sahara desert. It is an ideal place to have a trip by 4×4 into the dunes that sometimes look like huge sandy mountains. It is truly amazing that such breathtaking views can actually exist.

About Timimoun

Timimoun was once an important trading post that connected North African with sub-Saharan Africa. Today, its natural beauty, unique architecture, and historic culture and traditions attract many Algerian and foreign travellers to visit Timimoun every year. 

The city is surrounded by palm groves and a salt lake that is completely dry. The Ksar situated on the hilltop of Timimoun dates back from the 9th century and unfortunately is now in almost complete ruins. Nevertheless, the Ksar can still be climbed offering magnificent views over the desert and the oasis.

One thing that deserves noticing is that the majority of the old houses are built of red mud (red ocher). This style is known as the “Sudanese Architecture”. These homes seem to have been built one on top of the other while trying to reach higher grounds. The streets are narrow and covered with sheets of cloth. This is typical for the region and offers pedestrians some shade from the scourging sun. In the city center is the famous “Oasis Rouge” that has once been a beautiful hotel. It is now a cultural center hosting various artistic events.

The palmeraie is another landmark that must be visited while in Timimoun which is surrounded by mud walls. Visiting this charming little oasis town is a must-do when in Algeria.

The Sebkha Circuit: A Must-Do Day Excursion

Timimoun is surrounded by the plateau of Tademaït to the southeast and a salt lake (known as “sebkha” to the northwest. Whether you’re visiting Timimoun on a private tour or you plan to book your own activities, most tourists are recommended the classic Sebkha Circuit.

The Sebkha Circuit is a day excursion by 4×4 vehicle that visits some of the best attractions in the region. The following are a few highlights that may be including in the Sebkha Circuit:

  • Explore Ighzer Citadel and the Ighzer Cave
  • Visit Ksar Faoun located in the palm oasis
  • Discover the Fougara ancient hydraulic system
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch at Aghlad Camp (located beside Ksar Aghlad)
  • Go on an adventure cruising through the Sahara sand dunes

What to See and Do in Timimoun

We filmed a video to show you the highlights of what you can expect to see and do in Timimoun.

Where to Stay in Timimoun?

There are hotel and guesthouse options for you to consider:

For those who prefer a hotel with a swimming pool and ease of mind of what to expect, then we recommend staying at Gourara Hotel. This hotel is part of the local El-Djazair hotel chain.

If you are looking for an authentic experience with local hospitality, then we highly recommend staying at one of the several guesthouses in Timimoun. Dar El Yamma is a charming guesthouse that serves what is likely the most delicious food you will find in all of Timimoun. Dar El Hakim is another beautiful guesthouse with authentic architecture and decoration that is highly rated among travellers.  

Want to Visit Timimoun?

It is best to avoid the extreme heat during the summer months when visiting Timimoun. 

Timimoun is a favourite holiday destination among Algerians especially during the celebration of the New Year and Mouloud.

If you are interested in visiting Timimoun, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Algeria tour.


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