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Sidi Bouhlel tour
Arrival to Sidi Bouhlel
Sidi Bouhlel tour
Star Wars Canyon Entrance - Sandcrawler Parking Lot
Sidi Bouhlel tour
Jawa Rock where R2D2 was Kidnapped
Sidi Bouhlel tour
Sidi Bouhlel tour
Sidi Bouhlel tour
Place to Visit: Sidi Bouhlel

Sidi Bouhlel (aka Star Wars Canyon)

Sidi Bouhlel is a canyon located near the town of Tozeur in Southern Tunisia. It is also commonly known as the “Star Wars Canyon” since it was the film location of the desert planet of Tatooine in Star Wars: A New Hope. Other popular films such as Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark and The English Patient were also shot in Sidi Bouhlel.

Star Wars Film Locations

Journey into the Star Wars Canyon and see if you can find all of the following iconic film locations: 

  • At the entrance of the Star Wars Canyon is the Sandcrawler parking lot.
    GPS coordinates: 34° 1’56.50″N,  8°16’57.89″O.
  • Once you have walked into the Star Wars Canyon, you will soon seen a large rock, also called the Jawa Rock, on your left hand side. This was where the Jawas kidnapped R2D2 in the original film. This was also the film location of Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones threatens to blow up the Ark with a bazooka. 
    GPS coordinates 34° 2’1.19″N,  8°16’54.40″O
  • Further up, you will find the rocks where the Tusken Raiders attacked Luke Skywalker.
    GPS coordinates 34° 2’10.28″N,  8°16’49.53″O
  • A panoramic view of Mos Eisley was filmed.
    GPS coordinates 34° 2’20.24″N,  8°16’41.39″O
  • Here is where the Tusken Raiders were aiming their snipers at the incoming landspeeder.
    GPS coordinates 34° 2’21.31″N, 8°16’40.63″O

Want to Visit Sidi Bouhlel?

If you are interested in visiting Sidi Bouhlel, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan a Star Wars tour or an unforgettable Tunisia tour.