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El Kef Kasbah Tunisia
El Kef Kasbah Tunisia
El Kef Kasbah Tunisia
El Kef Kasbah Tunisia
El Kef Kasbah Tunisia
Place to Visit: El Kef

El Kef – Incredible Beauty, Undiscovered History

The city of El Kef or as it is also known as Le Kef has great historical importance. This small city of 45,000 inhabitants, located in the northwest part of the country served as the provincial capital of Tunisia during the World War II and as a command center for the National Liberation front during the War of Independence in the 1950s. Facing the mountain Jebel Dyr, this lovely city is easily accessible. The capital city of Tunis is 175 kilometers away while Algeria is 40 kilometers away.

El Kef is also the home of the mausoleum of Ali Tukie, the father of Al-Husayn I ibn Ali al-Turki, founder of the Husainid dynasty. You can also see the vestiges of a Roman Basilica that is dates to the beginning of the 5th century.

The Kasbah

You will not want to miss a visit to the Kasbah as it serves as a landmark for El Kef. This is a typical Byzantine formation that lies near the top of the city, rising out of the old medina. The Kasbah was built in the 5th century BC and currently contains objects d’arts from Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.

Museum of the Popular Arts and Traditions

El Kef also has a Museum of the Popular Arts and Traditions. This cozy little city has a laid-back atmosphere blended with ancient history. A visit of the charming El Kef is completely worth it. A nice touch to your trip will be to taste the local cuisine that is proud of its typical regional bread (mjamaa) and its type of couscous (borzgane).

Want to Visit El Kef?

If you are interested in visiting El Kef, our travel experts are happy to assist you to plan an unforgettable Tunisia tour.