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Constantine is the 3rd largest city in Algeria after Algiers and Oran. Often referred to as “the city of bridges‘, Constantine is famous for being a mountaintop city with many picturesque bridges which connect the mountains over the Oued Rhumel (Rhumel River). It is unbelievable to see a row of houses and buildings alongside the mountain edge as if they are hanging over the banks of the Rhumel River. This is one of the must-see destinations in Algeria.

There are many things to do and see in Constantine. Visit the Cirta museum and the beautiful Palais du Bey (the Palace of Ahmed Bey). Take a walk on one of the many important bridges in the city. Explore the well-preserved Casbah and enjoy some shopping or try some local snacks along the way. Take a cable car ride to get a bird’s eye view of this magnificent city over the mountains.

As you explore the city, you will notice the architecture is heavily influenced by the long French colonial period, as opposed to the blue-and-white decor of the architecture in Algiers. Constantine is also known for its famous universities.

Constantine is a city that is full of history, spectacular views, and vibrant culture. The city is easily accessible through its own international airport “Mohamed Boudiaf Airport” located 9 km south of Constantine. For those seeking true and memorable adventures, the city is worth visiting.

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