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Ancient Roman Ruins of Timgad

Algeria is a beautiful North African country which remains relatively undiscovered. Travelers to Algeria have the incredible opportunity to explore amazing attractions throughout the country without other tourists in view. Enjoy the Mediterranean coastline in the north, the Sahara desert in the south and all the rich history and culture in between. Algeria is a unique destination that will dazzle visitors with its Roman, Christian and Islamic history. Here are some of our most popular Algeria tours that our clients recommend.

Highlights of Algeria Tour

Our Highlights of Algeria Tour is a 16 days tour taking you to see some of the best historical and cultural attractions Algeria has to offer. Begin your tour in Algiers, the capital of Algeria and then travel to the UNESCO World Heritage M’Zab Valley in the Northern Sahara desert. Afterwards, take a domestic flight to explore Oran, the second largest city of Algeria located in Northwestern Algeria. Afterwards, travel to the beautiful oasis regions of the Sahara in Bechar and Taghit. The Highlights of Algeria tour is designed for you to experience the best of Algeria.

Sahara Dunes in Taghit
Sahara Dunes in Taghit
Panoramic View in Oran
Panoramic View in Oran

Algeria History and Culture Tour

The Algeria History and Culture Tour is designed for history buffs with a craving for adventure. Travel throughout Algeria over 9 days to discover Algeria’s rich history while being immersed into its unique culture.

In this tour, you will visit significant historic and cultural sites in Algiers, Tipaza, Setif, Djemila, Constantine, Timgad, Lambaesis. Your English-speaking guide will unravel the story at each of these sites which are steeped in rich history.

You will also spend a full day exploring historic cities and sites in UNESCO World Heritage M’Zab Valley and its surrounding areas. You will feel as if you are stepping back into time as you enjoy the local customs and traditional culture in this Sahara region.

Ghardaia in the M'Zab Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Ghardaia in the M’Zab Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
Ancient Roman Ruins of Timgad
Ancient Roman Ruins of Timgad

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Check out our other popular Algeria tours for more tour options to choose from.

All of our Algeria tours can be customized to meet your travel preferences. Contact one of our Algeria travel experts today if you have any questions or would like to begin planning your Algeria tour adventure.

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