Morocco Desert Tour

Camel trek in the Sahara Desert

Are you looking for a Sahara desert adventure? Do you want to climb a Sahara sand dune?

Mosaic North Africa offers an excellent one-day excursion in the Sahara desert, which is a must for any Morocco tour. Your group will be picked up by 4X4 and driven across the barren landscape until you reach the edge of the Sahara dunes. Before you depart on your camel excursion, you will have time for lunch and perhaps a swim in a kasbah hotel located at the beginning of the dunes. When your camel guides are ready, you will begin your adventure through the Erg Chebbi dunes of Morocco which reach a height of 150 meters.

Camel trek in the Sahara Desert
Camel trek in the Sahara Desert

Your group will stop to watch the sunset and make sure to watch the changing colors on the dunes as the sun sets. When you reach your camp, you will have time to put your stuff away in one of the Berber tents and then take the challenge to climb up one of the highest dunes located behind your tents.

Morocco Sahara Desert
Morocco Sahara Desert

Dinner will be served by your camel guides which is a delicious Moroccan tajine and traditional soup.  In the morning your guides will wake you up to watch the sun rise. After breakfast you will depart back to the Kasbah where you will meet the 4X4 driver who will take you back to your driver, thus ending your Morocco Desert Tour. Make sure you do not miss out on a night in the dunes during your Morocco tour.

Booking a Morocco Desert Tour

If you’re interested in booking a Morocco Desert Tour, please contact Mosaic North Africa.

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