Moroccan Cuisine: Three Delicious Dishes

Tajine dishes in front of Ait Ben Haddou

Morocco cuisine is world-famous for its delicious taste and is arguably the best in the North Africa region. Using a variety of spices each dish bursts with flavours! Here are three Moroccan cuisine dishes that should not be missed when traveling to Morocco.

Tajine: This is served in a large dish called a ‘tajine’ and the food inside uses the same name. It is a stew-like substance that usually has meat (lamb, chicken, or beef) with vegetables. Now there are numerous tajines available to try and perhaps during your tour you could try a new one each day. Our personal favorites are the beef and prune tajine which has a sweeter flavour, and the chicken and lemon tajine. Remember to eat tajine with the local bread, ‘hubz’, and always use your right hand when dipping into the dish.

Tajine dishes in front of Ait Ben Haddou
Tajine dishes in front of Ait Ben Haddou

The second dish that should not be missed is Couscous. This small pasta round pasta that is cooked and formed into a ‘peak-like’ mound that is covered with vegetables often with a piece of meat in the middle. The Moroccan couscous is served with a small dish of sauce to add as you like to moisten the couscous. There is usually one dish of couscous for all at the table and then you eat the ‘pie-like’ section that is in front of you. Make sure you eat only the couscous in your section and do not dip into other areas unless food is pushed over to your spot on the dish.

Moroccan Couscous
Moroccan Couscous

Pastilla: This unique Moroccan specialty should not be missed. It is a sweet and salty food. The outside of this food is a flaky crust that is topped with icing sugar and cinnamon. The filling is ground chicken and nuts with a variety of spices. Don’t leave Morocco without trying pastilla because you will most likely not find this dish anywhere else.

For vegetarian travelers, there are plenty of vegetarian tajines and couscous. Soups are also available.

Come to Morocco to experience Moroccan cuisine and a safari of the senses!

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