Money Travel Tips: Cash or Credit Card in North Africa

Money travel tips

A common question among travelers to North Africa is whether they should bring cash for their tour for meals, souvenirs, etc. Below are recommendations for obtaining local currency when traveling in North Africa.

Money travel tips
Money travel trips

Cash or Credit Card in Morocco and Tunisia?

While traveling in Morocco and Tunisia, bank machines are widely available in all major cities and towns. Therefore it is not necessary to travel with lots of cash on hand. You can use your credit card at many major touristic shops, but you should expect to pay cash only in small shops and restaurants. We do advise our clients to take some US Dollars or Euros on hand in case of emergencies or in case your bank card does not work.

Cash or Credit Card in Algeria?

For our Algeria travelers, we recommend that you travel with US Dollars or Euros during your tour and exchange these at the airport for Algerian dinars. Credit cards are not widely accepted and bank machines are unreliable. Our tour managers can assist you when you are picked up at the Algiers airport by exchanging your money.

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Please note that you cannot exchange your dinars back for Euros or dollars.

You may exchange for a smaller amount of Algerian dinars at the beginning of your tour. If you ever require more Algerian dinars during your tour, then our tour manager can assist you with additional money exchange. If you have any Algerian dinars remaining at the end of your tour, you are always welcomed to spend it on shopping at the Algiers airport which is one of the better spots for purchasing Algerian souvenirs or any last-minute gifts.

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